Péladeau denounced the lack of courage by Trudeau in the face of foreign media

Péladeau dénonce le manque de courage de Trudeau face aux médias étrangers

MONTRÉAL — Trudeau government has no political courage in the face of the giant media foreign. And it is evidence of electioneering by not acting, while it’s a press critic, the head of Quebecor, Pierre Karl Péladeau.

“We see that the Trudeau government has no political courage. It is in the electioneering, the more coarse. The foreign companies should be subject to the sales tax, to say the least, and this is not the case today. Still, it’s outrageous!”, said Mr. Péladeau.

The president and chief executive officer of Quebecor has participated, Thursday, at the école des Hautes études commerciales in Montreal, at a round table of the media on the future of the broadcasting Act and the regulations in the area.

“We must restore a sense of tax fairness. At least, the government of Quebec has had the courage to do” with the Quebec sales Tax, ” said Brian Myles, director of Duty.

As if it was the pollution

Mr. Myles has pointed out another injustice in the field of taxation: while newspapers pay a fee for recycling, which is financing the green Fund, as if they were “pollution”, Amazon does not pay that same tax, in spite of her many cardboard boxes that end up in the same recycling bin.

Mr. Myles said a third inconsistency: the advertising of the government in the media. “The federal and québec governments want to help us, but they are the first to garrocher dollar advertising on Google and Facebook. This is just outrageous! The advertising investments of the federal on Facebook are growing exponentially. It takes the money of the taxes, and you transform it into your advertising budget; and we pass Go and send him to Silicon Valley! And after, we are told that it wants to help us and that we want our property,” he protested.

Philippe Lapointe, vice-president of radio stations, spoken at Cogeco Media, pointed out that radio stations in the region are also struggling. “The private radio stations in the region, it doesn’t make money.”

As MESSRS. Péladeau and Myles, Mr. Lapointe has called for equity between all players of the media universe, but he also called for greater cooperation between media quebeckers or canadians in the face of the giant aliens.

“The basic thing is that everyone plays by the same rules. The two biggest players in the school yard do not have the same rules as other students. The small ones will eat a fly and this is what happens”, was illustrated by Mr. Lapointe.


“I sometimes have the impression that we are all in a rowboat, that we squabble and we get overtaken by yachts and large steamers that are all americans,” said Mr. Lapointe.

Michel Bissonnette, Radio-Canada, has cited data according to which 31 percent of the people are subscribers to Netflix. Among 18-30 year olds, 68 percent are subscribers to Netflix.

“There is more of a language barrier; there is more geographical barrier. So it is now the flood of content americans. There is a americanization of the content that should worry us,” said Mr. Bissonnette.

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