February 2, 2023

Pele, Lula, the war in Ukraine – predictions of Peruvian shamans for 2023

On top of a sacred mountain in Lima, Peruvian shamans toss coca leaves to the ground, while the serpent “Maria” slithers across images of several presidents. It’s time to make predictions for 2023.

Walter Alarcón wears a green trench coat with colored stripes. In his hands, he holds a ‘putoto’, a type of shell, which he blows like a trumpet. Other shamans accompany their rituals. He places in front of him a portrait of Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who will assume the third presidency of Brazil on January 1.

“Lola’s period will be a bit complicated at first because there will be opponents who will not agree with his reasoning, but then things will calm down and he will make a decision. [bom] role in our sister country Brazil,” says Alarcón, who also heads a shaman organization in Peru.

There are 13 shamans from all regions: from the coast, they wear straw hats; the Andeans, with their multicolored gowns; and Amazons, with feathers, necklaces, and garments with geometric designs.

This Wednesday (28) pray to Taita Inti (Father Sun) and Pachamama (Mother Earth) asking for the year 2023. On Earth, there is a row of images of several rulers waiting to be presented to their predictions.

– King of football –

Shamans gather on Monte San Cristobal, a sacred mountain in Quechua, 300 meters above sea level, where you can usually see all of Lima when the sky is clear, and the shamans begin their rituals.

With fumigating crockery and aromatic herbs, they are also concerned about the health of Pele, the king of football, who is admitted to the Albert Einstein Hospital in São Paulo.

“Pele is appreciated by us and by the whole world because he was a good football player,” says the shaman Cleofe Sedano, who, unfortunately, does not imagine an immediate positive panorama.

This is why Ana María Simeon, “Librana,” a shaman from the Andes, comes into play to release positive energies, with incense, ropes, yellow flowers and coca leaves.

“We want to take care of your health more than anything because of your age. There will be some complications, but temporary ailments can be overcome. That is why we raise him up (sending energies), so that he can move on.”

The shaman spent a sleepless night eating ayahuasca, a traditional Amazonian drink extracted from the vine of the same name, also known as the “rope of spirits,” which has hallucinogenic effects.

– Peru situation –

During the ritual, healers also lay on the floor portraits of the President of Peru, Dina Boloart, and her predecessor, Pedro Castillo, who were both captured after a failed coup attempt on December 7.

“Next year will be very difficult for her (Poulwart) because of the mistakes she makes. There will be many conflicts. We will have many surprises in politics,” says Sedano.

“We are seeing some social unrest in Peru, and more serious things will happen,” says Alarcón, referring to the demonstrations that followed the fall of Castillo.

“His operation (in Castillo) will take time, and it won’t happen no matter what people do, ask or say,” Simeon says.

– End of war –

On colorful blankets, spread on the floor, the shaman placed oranges, tangerines, bananas and apples as signs of abundance and prosperity. They also painted the numbers for the year 2023 with yellow flower petals.

The snake “Maria”, an Amazonian snake, glides over portraits of the Russian presidents, Vladimir Putin, and the Ukrainian presidents, Volodymyr Zelensky, leaders of the two countries that have been at war for nearly a year.

“The war will subside, next year there will be peace, this anger and discord between Russia and Ukraine will already be appeased,” assures Sidano, the owner of the “Maria”, which he carries in his backpack.

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