February 5, 2023
Pelé Millflows was eliminated from A Fazenda 14 with 5.88% of the vote - A Fazenda 14

Pelé Millflows was eliminated from A Fazenda 14 with 5.88% of the vote – A Fazenda 14

Millfellows Pele Game Over! The pawn was the fourteenth discarded farm 14 In the live show on Tuesday (13), in Roça Surpresa, with 5.88% of the vote. The rapper lost contention to audience preference over Barbara Borges, Pia Miranda and Iran Malfitano, in a poll conducted in R7.com🇧🇷

After eliminating André in Roça Especial on Monday’s (12) live show, Adriane Galisteu announces to the infantry that the Roça Surprise has been formed🇧🇷 Thus, Babe, Biya, Iran and Pele Melfellows contested the audience’s preference in the vote that decided the three finalists for this season.

During his participation, Pele showed all his talent, kindness and sharp tongue – in addition to overcoming his fear of chickens.

The rapper has revealed many of his artistic skills, from performing with Alex to Sing and parody with Ruivinha de Marte🇧🇷 In addition, of course, From concerts he gave while playing sports🇧🇷

directly, Pelé, along with Lucas Santos, won the first Farmers’ Test of the season, however, in consensus, it was only with immunity and Lucas, with the hat.

In the first few weeks, Pele and Thiago Ramos made friends, but the model began to get angry at his jokes. This is a nuisance It ended up generating one of the first ugly lock-up fights🇧🇷 from then until now The innocent “City Sleeps” was reason enough to cause a spark between the two.

But the rapper’s biggest competition was with Bia Miranda. How long has the biwa been in Biol, He had already said that he did not go with her face She made sure to make it clear when she entered the headquarters. during the season, The two had several clashes Pele constantly criticized Biwa’s attitude and teaching. But in recent days, The mood between the two improved a lot🇧🇷

Pele shone in a great moment of the season: the fight over cans of condensed milk. He was very angry to find them in a lair. And argue a lot with opponents because of this🇧🇷

But, without a doubt, Pele’s best feature in the game was escaping all the rocas until the final stage! However, he sat down on the chair twice, On both occasions, he secured the farmer’s hat🇧🇷 In Sunday’s dynamic, he achieved the best result They also got rid of Roça Especial🇧🇷

However, an hour would come from that moment and Pele hadn’t escaped from Roca Surprise! After losing the audience’s favor, the rapper said goodbye to the rural reality in the final stage of the game.

Remember Pele’s path:

Under the leadership of Adriane Galisteu, the Grand Final of farm 14 It takes place this Thursday (15th), from 22:30, at TV recording🇧🇷 Access to Play Plus And follow 24 hours a day everything that’s happening in Barn of Legends.