February 6, 2023

Pellestri’s agent, Botafogo’s target, sends off Flamengo and indicates his preference for the striker’s future

Edgardo La Salviaagent Facundo PelistriHe revealed that he met the board of directors Manchester United To decide the future of the Uruguay striker, who coaches him Eric ten Hag She promised to give more chances, and that Intent not to return to South America at this time. In this way, a potential can be transferred to Flamingo In the 2023 season he was dropped.

The good thing about the last meeting with United is that they really started to consider what we suggested in a different way: He’s a 21-year-old, he’s just played in a World Cup and he’s not. We have the minutes we need for him in ManchesterHe started his speech by saying to Salvia during the “100% Deportes” program on Radio Uruguayan Sport 890.

Then the attacker’s manager pointed out: “Having said that, the coach told us that he wanted him to stay, that he would give him the minutes he deserves. He also told us that in Manchester, one of the best teams in the world, we understand that, but our interest and our mission is to nurture the player’s career. Today we will meet again and hopefully we will come to an agreement.” understanding.”

La Salvia also responded about Flamengo’s interest in hiring Pellestri and stated that it was genuine. However, the agent has ruled out any opportunity to work at this time.

“Yes, the interest is real, but our idea today is not to go back to South America. Facu has many offers from Europe, and it never occurred to me that I had so many offers for a player in the same transfer window. He’s at a very big club, who paid big money for the pass, But we were appreciated and given the opportunity..

La Salvia also cited the strong competition the Uruguay would face in Robro Negro as one of the reasons why the deal would not go through.

“My personal opinion is that Flamengo have many players in this position and we prioritize the sporting part. So Facu must go to a team to play, where it is a priority of the Technical Committee. Today I cannot say that it is like that at Flamengo because I have not spoken with Committee or with the coach (Vítor Pereira), only with the director.”

The businessman added: “What you see is what everyone sees, that’s why we’re here, that’s why Facu is appreciated. He’s not young anymore, he’s a mature player, he played well in the World Cup and when he played for Manchester he did well and above all he has the responsibility to prove himself by playing for five minutes, because it’s not. It’s easy to go in for five minutes and do well.”

“When I say player valuation, I also mean contract optimization, because (Facundo) has the same contract as when he was 18, and the idea is that if Manchester sees the projection we see in him, he also evaluates financially and that you can extend the contract.”Been completed.