June 26, 2022
'Penis' blooms for the first time in 25 years in Europe

‘Penis’ blooms for the first time in 25 years in Europe

Photo: clone / Instagram

  • The plant is located in Leiden Botanical Garden, Netherlands

  • Experts have been waiting for this moment for six years

  • The “flower” is about 50 cm long

For the first time in nearly 25 years, the “penis plant” was born in Europe. The plant was grown in a botanical garden in Leiden, Netherlands.

The rare plant gives off a distinctive odor resembling the smell of rotting flesh, which attracts insects. Dutchman’s stem is 1.98 meters long and gained 48.7 cm flowers last week. The staff of the Botanic Gardens has been waiting for this moment for six years, since the plant, which is originally from Indonesia, was brought to the site in 2015.

Photo: Reproduç  & #xe3;  o / Instagram

Photo: clone / Instagram

Experts say this is the third record in Europe Amorphophallus decoration forestIts scientific name. This species is rare because it needs a very warm environment, but with moderate humidity, a combination that is hard to find in nature, as shown on the Leiden Botanical Garden website.

However, the Dutch ‘penis plant’ has already withered and the garden expects to bloom again a decade from now.

The Botanical Garden reports that “during the flowering of the female plant, the white flower, the phallic part of the inflorescence, warms up and emits a pungent smell associated with rotten meat.” “Flies and other pollinating insects like this flock to the plant. Then they take the pollen and pass it on to other Amorphophallus decus-silvae,” explains the botanical garden.

The blooms are attracting visitors’ attention, Rogier van Vogt, director of Greenhouse, told Dutch in an interview with Dutch channel Omroep West. “Hundreds of visitors took advantage of the rare prosperity of this species to visit,” he said.

Term amorphous, This actually means “the shapeless penis,” van Vogt explained. “But with a little imagination you can actually see the penis.”