December 6, 2023

People have no concept of money.

Striker receives R$22 million per month at PSG and has a contract until 2027

on more than one occasion, Neymar He had already shown his sympathy Flamingo. In the most recent one, it was number 10 of the Paris Saint-Germain and the Brazilian national team The status of the red and black horde as the most impressive in the world. However, Short term access is out of the question.

Rodolfo LaceyThe president of the Rio de Janeiro club rejected any possibility of the star’s arrival in Javea. Higher salary for more than 4 million euros (22 million Brazilian reals) per month And the long contract with the French club is an obstacle for the fans to dream of the star.

Do you know how much Neymar earns? He earns 4.08 million euros. The problem is that he has a five-year contract (with Paris Saint-Germain, from France). Four to go. he’s four years old, Do you think he will give up this money? Only if PSG wants to push it to someone and keep pushingHe began saying.

I don’t have that money to pay him. Flamingo does not pay what they are paid annually. Flamingo doesn’t pay what they pay him every year. This is because people sometimes have no concept of money. I sit there in the chair, doing the math each day“, Complete.

In the current transfer window in Europe, which ends on Tuesday (31), the name of Neymar has been linked ChelseaAnd Manchester city and l Barcelona for a possible return. However, the high values ​​worked against potential deals.

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