November 28, 2023
Pereira's apathy explains Luan's absence from Corinthians matches and guarantees the midfielder a chance

Pereira’s apathy explains Luan’s absence from Corinthians matches and guarantees the midfielder a chance

Corinthians Beat Atletico Saturday evening and resumed driving the Brazilian. In addition to the victory, one of the topics that Vitor Pereira commented on at the press conference was not even on the bench: Luan.

The absence of the midfielder is back on the agenda and the coach has clarified it. According to the Portuguese, Luan should have at least appeared among those associated with the match, but he complained at the last moment about the pain that took him out of the match. Vitor also said it’s not the first time.

“I should explain Luoan’s situation very well, so he didn’t come here. Luan was represented at least three times, and at the last moment, he went to the medical department. He was supposed to attend, but at the last training session he complained of pain and headed to the medical department. He was out of a lot of rehearsals, and a little time working with me,” the coach justified.

After that, Vitor did not hide his desire to rely on the midfielder. Realizing the importance of all athletes, he said the team needed Luann and made it clear that the player would get his chance.

What I said upon my arrival is still valid: If Luan is devoted and wants to, he’ll have a chance. Why do young al-Qaeda come and have the opportunity? Because we need everyone. We need Luan. I don’t take any responsibility if he doesn’t enter the match at the last minute.”

Luann has been on the field for Corinthians only three times this season, all for Paulista. Under Vitor Pereira, the midfielder has not participated in any matches so far.

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