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Peroni: The Copina Final at Allianz Stadium is a disrespect for tradition and Santos – 01/24/2022

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Peroni: The Copina Final at Allianz Stadium is a disrespect for tradition and Santos - 01/24/2022
Peroni: The Copina Final at Allianz Stadium is a disrespect for tradition and Santos - 01/24/2022

Paulista’s decision football To reach the final of the Sao Paulo Junior Cup at Allianz Parque, this Tuesday (25), does not respect the spirit of the competition and especially Santos.

There is also disrespect for players from Palmeiras and Santos, who will enter the field in the middle of summer at 10am, with a good chance of heat in the capital, Sao Paulo.

The final as a gift to the capital of Sao Paulo on his birthday is in the DNA of Copínha. Therefore, the decision was his traditional Bakimbo stage.

This made the neutral stadium in the final a feature of the tournament, although Sao Paulo clubs were more intimate with the stadium than the teams from the outside.

However, the municipal stadium has been privatized and is being renovated and cannot be used.

In this columnist’s opinion, by choosing a finalist’s circuit, the Federation turns what would have been a gift for the city into a gift for the chosen stadium owner (Palmeiras).

The party that was supposed to be out of town gets a special stage. The tradition of playing decision on neutral ground has been abandoned. Santos ran over by choosing Al-Ittihad. The coastal team can win in Alfeverde, but the lack of respect with which they were treated by the FPF will not be erased.

Paragraph 3 of Article 2 of the Copina Regulations states that in view of the privatization and renovation of the Estadio Paulo Machado de Carvalho-Bacaembo, the traditional venue for the final of the competition, the DCO (Confederation Department of Competitions), in a deal with

Technical and safety standards, the venue for this match.”

The technical criterion should also include neutrality of the field, and not just the best campaign (which is the one-of-a-kind), in my opinion.

It is true that Article 40 states that “when there are classics between the teams of Corinthians, Palmeiras, Santos and São Paolo, if there is any definition by the prosecution regarding the orders, the better campaign will prevail.”

Since there was a previous article specifying that the venue for the decision would be chosen by the federation, I understand that the rule mentioned in this excerpt relates to who will have the right to have their fans in the stadium. In this case, Palmeiras.

So much so that the semi-final match between São Paulo and Palmeiras was in Barueri, not Morumbi, the home of those with the best campaigns.

An FPF memorandum explaining the choice points to an alleged lack of options, not a regulation requirement.

We encountered the impossibility of using Bacaembu, the traditional stage of the Kupina final, and, For security reasons, other facilities are located in the capital, São Paulo. Given the best campaign among the finalists and the organization of individual fans among the classics from São Paulo, Palmeiras will naturally be their fans. Therefore, the Grand Final will take place at Allianz Parque.

The note also notes that on the same day of the decision, Corinthians will play at night in Itaquiera with Paulista, against Ferroviarea.

To avoid confrontations between Palmeiras fans and Corinthians en route to matches, Coppeña’s last match was scheduled for 10am.

Bad luck for the athletes, who miss out on the opportunity to play at a time when temperatures are more likely to fall.

Curiously enough, Cuba São Paulo and Paulistao are coordinated by the same entity, the Paulista Confederation. However, men cannot avoid conflicting agendas.

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