Pesticides: the CAQ for the impact study

If the Coalition avenir Québec refuses to see the agronomist Louis Robert parade in front of the parliamentarians, it has been open Thursday to shed light on the impacts that pesticides can have on health and the environment.

Unable to agree on the precise mandate that would have the parliamentary commission on pesticides, the deputies of different parties have chosen to postpone their vote after the break.

“Everyone is agreed on the principle. […] All the world is aware of this and find that it is important and essential to do that [investigate the impact of pesticides], but it takes the exact wording,” said the mp caquiste Marie-Louise Tardif, the output of the meeting.

The cabinet of the minister of Agriculture, we want to ensure that the parliamentary committee is also concerned about the economic viability of agricultural enterprises and their competitiveness.

“The goal of this initiative mandate is not to make the trial of farmers who use pesticides, quite the contrary. Our goal is to document the phenomenon in order to better guide them,” says the solidarity Émilise Lessard-Therrien.

Mp pq’s Sylvain Roy, who proposed the holding of the parliamentary committee, said he was disappointed not to have come to an agreement, but promises to be “patient”. “Negotiations will continue, I hope that people will put water in their wine.”

Proposal denied

Earlier in the day, the deputies caquistes voted against the proposal to invite to the national Assembly the whistleblower Louis Robert, fired by the ministry of Agriculture in January, so that it can be explained. It is the independent mna Guy Ouellette, who had proposed to hear. The liberal Party has even suggested that it is expressed behind closed doors, which has not been accepted by QSL.

This refusal is disappointing, Richard Perron, president, Syndicat des professionnelles et professionnels du government du Quebec (SPGQ). “It would have been very useful for the company to hear what he has to say as a whistleblower.” The QAF repeats for several weeks as she awaits the outcome of the investigation by the ombudsman in this folder.

Mr. Robert has been fired after being transmitted to Radio-Canada information on the interference of private companies in public research on pesticides.

In recent days, Mr. Robert, seconded by the SPGQ, filed two grievances with the government. He asked to be reinstated in the job because he considers his dismissal illegal and abusive. Mr. Robert requires the reimbursement of his salary and that all traces of this termination are to be erased from his personnel file.

The agronomist also plans to pursue civil the minister of Agriculture André Lamontagne and the prime minister François Legault for defamation. The two politicians have suggested that Mr. Robert had been terminated for reasons other than the one you have spoken to the media.



The elected members of the national Assembly does focuses not on the impacts of the sects in the society. This issue, expensive to the ex-member of parliament for the Parti québécois, Agnès Maltais, has been brought on the table by his party on Thursday, but mps caquistes have refused to create a parliamentary commission on the “possibility that illegal acts are committed by groups with sectarian deviances”.

When they were in opposition, the caquistes said yet want to fight against sects. The leader of the PQ Pascal Bérubé has denounced a “drop of the CAQ”. “Everything that was terrible in the opposition becomes acceptable… I feel betrayed by the CAQ”, said Manon Boyer on Twitter. Ms. Boyer is the aunt of Eloise Dupuis, this young mother a member of the Jehovah’s Witnesses who died a few days after the birth of her baby because she refused a blood transfusion. Recall that the minister of Justice Sonia Lebel had agreed to hear Ms. Boyer on this subject last fall.

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