February 1, 2023
Pétala Barreiros' mother hits Solange Gomes

Pétala Barreiros’ mother hits Solange Gomes

Mother of Petala Barrerospawnfarm 2022” (Record TV), today Eunice Barreiros published a series of stories where she refutes Solange Gomes, former Gugu bathtub and “A Fazenda 2021” finalist.

Solange recently said while sharing on the Link Podcast that she would never allow her 14-year-old daughter to date a 45-year-old man – as happened to Pétala and Her ex-husband, Marcos Araujo🇧🇷 The influencer said it’s a mother’s role to find out where her daughter is.

“Solange, I’m going to waste my time to answer you. And I’ll give you only one answer: I knew where she was. Do you know where? I was at school, when he called pretending to be my husband and begged for her release. And his chauffeur was going there and picking her up. I knew where she was. What I didn’t know It is that there are people who are so cunning that they invent lies to deceive me,” Eunice said.

She was a 14-year-old girl when he was 45. He could tell her to go home, not lie to me, not make up lies, not call her school, not make his chauffeur rush to take her to the friends house where I left her. Eunice Barreros

She continues: “Don’t talk nonsense, don’t say what you don’t know. A woman over 40 should wash her mouth to talk about a 14-year-old girl who was molested, deceived, and give up two children in order to rise up. She washes her mouth to talk about my daughter.” .

Eunice ends her rant by telling them to stop talking about her daughter’s personal life.

“I’m tired of coming here on the internet to talk to you. I’m tired of hearing you attack my daughter. So stop, sexist women, who defend cheating men. Stop, come on, you can say anything. You don’t know anything. You want to attack my daughter For reality? OK! But don’t talk about my daughter’s life. Don’t talk because you don’t know anything.”

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Antonio Shahstian/Record TV


Antonio Shahstian/Record TV


Antonio Shahstian/Record TV


Antonio Shahstian/Record TV


Antonio Shahstian/Record TV


Antonio Shahstian/Record TV


Antonio Shahstian/Record TV

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