February 1, 2023
Petala had already asked to leave at the beginning of reality

Petala had already asked to leave at the beginning of reality

Pétala Barreiros pulled out of “A Fazenda 2022” (RecordTV) later this afternoonafter one day A friend, Diolan Bezerra, gave up. However, this wasn’t the first time the influencer had asked to leave reality.

At the beginning of reality, Petala rang the bell and asked to surrender After the third oath of the program – Who eliminated Roseanne and saved Deborah and Thiago🇧🇷

In the bedroom, Petala looked at the family photos and said she missed them. At this time, Deborah began sending hints to her rival and told her to leave the room, since none of her allies were there.

After “disappearing” for a few minutes, Petala returned to the room and told Allies that he had rung the bell and told production to leave the programme. In spite of everything, the influencer stated that the status was not decided 100% – and friends asked her to reconsider the choice.

I went there and rang the bell and said I wanted to leave. Deborah is so mean, people, you have no idea. petal

A Fazenda 2022: Pétala asks to leave the reality show

Photo: Playback / PlayPlus

after the occasion, Pitala stated to the Allies that he would be receiving medical attention and reconsidering his choice to leave headquarters.

“I will try until next week [continuar no programa]🇧🇷 If not, I will ask you to leave,” Petala said.

After just over two months, the influencer left the program by surprise. After just over two months, the influencer left the program by surprise. Pele Melfellows, Andre Marino, Iran Malfitano and Barbara Borges were in the room when the production put out a warning on TV.

Strawberry Shortcake and Pia Miranda left the room and went into the room to see what was going on.

In her stories, Yanca Barreros, sister of the former pawn, explained her departure.

“It gives me great pleasure to post, Pétala left the farm. I can’t believe it, only when you come home. We filed an injunction and it worked, she actually left,” the influencer said in her Stories.

He continued, “They called us and said she was on her way home. Petal is out, it’s official. I can’t believe it.”

A Fazenda 2022: Pétala Barreiros Abandoned Reality - Clone / PlayPlus - Clone / PlayPlus

A Fazenda 2022: Pétala Barreiros resigns from reality

Photo: Playback / PlayPlus

A Fazenda: With Deolane and Pétala out, who is the favorite to win the match?


Antonio Shahstian/Record TV


Antonio Shahstian/Record TV


Antonio Shahstian/Record TV


Antonio Shahstian/Record TV


Antonio Shahstian/Record TV


Antonio Shahstian/Record TV

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who came out offarm 2022 ‘? Reality’s pawns have been eliminated

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