July 14, 2024

‘Pete Alonso breaks home run derby record:’ Just wow ‘

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Pete Alonso defending his home run derby title came to a historic start.

The Mets first paceman, who won the event in 2019, scored 35 home runs in the first round at Coors Field on Monday night. He broke the previous 28 record set by Rangers Josh Hamilton at the Yankees Stadium in 2008, and the match was played in a different format.

Pete Alonso scored 35 home runs in the first round.

“This is what I dreamed of when I was a kid,” Alonso told ESPN. “I live now.”

Alonso’s longest home run traveled 514 feet and went at his toughest 115 mph. He discovered 450 feet or more of his 16 blasts. He announced it would win again before the event at this year’s MLP All-Star Game, and advanced easily to the next round after the Royals ’Salvador Perez hit 28 runs.

“Aha, just,” Fernando Todd told Alonso’s first-round ESPN. The Press star has admitted he wants to go upside down with the 26-year-old Slugger. “Someday, I look forward to it.

Alonso, 26, is batting.250 for the top-ranked Mets this season with 17 Homers and 49 Reserve Banks.

No home run derby in 2020 due to corona virus infection.

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