August 19, 2022
Petra, 36-week-old daughter of Tays Reese and Biel born: 'The most beautiful'

Petra, 36-week-old daughter of Tays Reese and Biel born: ‘The most beautiful’

first daughter Singer-songwriter Taiz Reese and Singer BillPetra was born last night in a hospital in the capital, São Paulo.

“Petra was born, I came to the hospital, out of nowhere I feel another pain. I ended up staying. My doctor said ‘He’s now, he’s going to be born’. I gave birth, I’m recovering, everything went well,” the first-time mom said in Instagram Stories.

Petra came into the world weighing 2.5 kg and measuring 47 cm and at 36 weeks pregnant for Taiz, two weeks earlier than she was expected to be between 38 and 40 weeks.

“I can’t wait to see you guys,” said Taiz. “We’re in our moment, a family moment, connecting, getting to know each other.”

She also thanked the affection she receives from fans: “We want to thank everyone for the messages of love and affection with our family. We are so happy, it’s a unique moment!”.

The baby is already getting her newborn’s injections and Taise said she is very calm and sleeps through the night.

“I’m still high, I can’t believe it. […] Oh my gosh, I did, I kept looking and saying “Did this girl leave me?”. It’s surreal, it’s the most beautiful thing in the world,” exudes love for my mom.

Biel shared a picture of Pietra’s tiny feet on her Instagram

Photo: clone / Instagram @biel