May 31, 2023

Petrobras Board of Directors rejects Lula’s candidates to form a university

The names of Pietro Mendes and Sergio Machado Rezende were rejected for non-compliance with the SOE law; understand

247 – The Petrobras Board of Directors rejected two nominations by President Lula for the renewal of the company, which will be submitted for evaluation at the shareholder meeting at the end of April. According to the colleague, the decision was made after negative opinions from the internal committee.

According to the council, the names of the Minister of Oil and Gas of the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME), Pietro Mendez, and former Minister Sergio Machado Resende, leader of the PSB, were rejected due to non-compliance with the SOE law.

The COP (People’s Committee), made up of four board members and one independent member, indicated that Mendez could even take a seat on the board, provided he resigned from his position in the Ministry of Municipality and Environment. In the evaluation of the Committee, the Board of Directors decided by majority disqualification.

With regard to his sobriety, Cobb deemed himself ineligible to participate in the Directory of Political Parties, which is prohibited by law and company regulations. The decision was followed by all the directors who voted at the meeting,” highlights excerpts from the report before Newspaper Folha de S. Paolo.

Follow up on recommendations

According to the report, Lula’s government should keep the decision and insist on the candidates.

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