December 7, 2022
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Petrol price in the US reaches $ 5

The value is equal to US $ 1.35 (R $ 6.72) per liter and is the result of Russia’s war against Ukraine; US inflation is at a 40-year low

The average price of a gallon of 3.7 liters of gasoline reached $ 5 (R $ 24.90) in the United States. Data AAA (American Automobile Association) and state average prices this Saturday (June 11, 2022).

With a gallon of this value, North American consumers pay an average of US $ 1.35 (R $ 6.72) per liter of petrol. Not only petrol but also the average price of diesel has gone up. The gallon sells for US $ 5.76, which is US $ 1.55 per liter (R $ 7.71). The data represent daily implemented values ​​and were last updated this Saturday (11.jun).

Fuel prices in the country have been rising steadily since the beginning War in Ukraine. The conflict has brought uncertainty to global energy markets, including Brazil.

Thus, one of the factors for the rise in fuel prices in the United States Oil prices. WTI’s barrel (reference to North American market) is trading at US $ 120.67. On March 23, the day before the start of the war in Eastern Europe, the price was $ 114.93.

In March, the value of one gallon reached US $ 4.01 – in the first week of the war in Ukraine. This value has not been reached since 2008.

Another influence on rising prices for North American consumers is inflation. Data released last Friday (June 10), The The index reached 8.6% During the 12-month period up to May.

The recorded rate during this period was the highest in 40 years. In December 1981, the index recorded 8.9% over a 12-month period.

Fuel-based energy group prices rose 3.9% in May. Petrol increased by 4.1%. In 12 months, petrol was up 48.7%.

Since the beginning of June, some US states Stopped state taxes on fuel. The states of New York, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Maryland and Kentucky have taken some action in this regard.