July 14, 2024

Phase 2 of “Forgotten Money” unlocks values ​​to 1.6 million people

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Phase 2 of "Forgotten Money" unlocks values ​​to 1.6 million people
Phase 2 of "Forgotten Money" unlocks values ​​to 1.6 million people

The central bank announced earlier this week that it has done Postponement of implementation Give The second stage of the receivable value system. The stage was scheduled to begin on May 2, and will include a series of changes compared to the first stage.

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Although there is no new date yet, many users will have the opportunity to find “forgotten” money in financial institutions. BC estimates that about R$4 billion will be returned to 1.6 million individuals and companies.

Even those who have already found values ​​in the current round can make a new query in the second stage. Seven new types of resources will be added, namely:

  • incorrectly charged fees, stipulated or not provided for in the contracts and terms of the Basel Convention;
  • installments or obligations related to credit operations that are incorrectly charged, which were not previously provided for in the contracts and conditions;
  • closed savings accounts or checking accounts with an available balance;
  • Accounts maintained by stock dealers, brokers or closed securities, with an available balance;
  • entities that have extrajudicial liquidation;
  • credit guarantee fund;
  • Cooperative Credit Guarantee Fund.

Run the second stage

The big news in the next phase of Forgotten Money is the end of scheduling. So far, the user needs Access to the portal-Schedule the return date and time, and return to the site. Only then can he request a balance transfer.

At the second stage, it will be possible to recover the money at the first consultation. Simply inform your CPF or CNPJ, the date of birth or establishment of the company, as well as the password registered on the gov.br portal. The deadline for returning via Pix is ​​12 working days.

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