March 29, 2023

Philips Walita air fryer is discounted on Amazon; paying off

If there is an appliance that has already saved many lives, it is the air fryer. It has become a beloved device for those who have busy lives or are simply too lazy to cook.

Philips Walita is one of the more traditional brands in this segment, and its entry model is the Viva RI9217. This is exactly what is for sale on Amazon, wherever it is Sold for R$749. Given its price at Philips Walita website (R$1,199)Economics 450.

Basically, air fryers work like a convection oven. This means that:

  • They blow air at a high speed and temperature over the food.
  • Thus, the effect becomes similar to frying
  • The two main advantages are that it does not use oil and prepares food quickly.

Air Fryer Viva RI9217 – Philips Walita

Image: Disclosure

Price: 749 Brazilian reals

  • The bowl has a specially designed base that helps in air circulation.
  • The power is 1425 watts
  • It has wide temperature adjustment, ranging from 80 to 200 degrees.

Is it worth it?

This model was tested during the Tilt Lab day and received praise for the results of the food prepared in it.

In fact, the bowl base design makes all the difference in this regard and performance is the highest point of the model.

However, there are some details: even with the promotional price, the device is still at a premium. Competing brands offer higher quality products – perhaps not the same performance – at a lower price.

Two other points that play against the air fryer:

  1. It has an entirely analog operation, which slightly reduces accuracy when choosing time and temperature.
  2. Although the pot has a non-stick coating on both sides, the bottom uses a metal grid. Depending on the type of food, it can stick to it, making cleanup very difficult.

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