December 2, 2022
Celular TRAVANDO toda hora? Aprenda como se livrar desse transtorno

Phone locked all the time? Learn how to get rid of this disorder

The traditional advice for anyone with a locked mobile phone is to “turn it off and back on”. It works most of the time, but not always. Is this the main thing to do when a device crashes and doesn’t allow you to work or play?

Mobile apps closing on their own without apparent reason is one of the most annoying and at the same time the most common problems that smartphone users often encounter. In most cases, it is not entirely clear why apps crash and what can be done to prevent it. Although, fortunately, it is a problem that has a solution in many situations. Why do mobile apps close on their own and what can you do to prevent them?

There are ways out of this problem – photo: publicity

Every cell phone hangs. Reality.

Although these smartphones are designed to handle large volumes, data overload can often make them sluggish and sluggish. Also, there are many applications or games that consume a large amount of memory and are constantly performing activities without the knowledge of the user.

One of the first steps we must take is to check that the error is not with the software we are using on the phone, but if the error is with the internet connection of the device we were using at the time. As additional information, it is recommended to delete the data stored on WhatsApp, as this instant messaging app usually stores a variety of photos, videos, audios and documents that are transferred between chats.

Only on Android do you have the opportunity to find smartphones even with 16GB of RAM – an amount that’s still hard to find by default on a PC – but in some cases you might notice strange slowness in your device.

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There is no magic solution

If the connection is not the problem that prevents us from working properly, then it is time to see how we can completely reset the browser application and clear the cache in the settings of the mobile device we are using.

In general, we can say that when the traffic on the mobile network is high, the Internet connection can sometimes be very slow. And this is not just for those who have a cell phone as a cellular operator. In such cases, opening a video or making a video call can be a real challenge. The same is true when you want to listen to music with streaming services. It is also possible that the device we are using has run out of memory and this is preventing us from accessing a particular website as we cannot fully load it.

It is a fact that over the years, smartphones offer more and more storage capacity. With this said, it is common to see mobile phones with an internal capacity of 128, 256 or 512 GB (and up to 1 TB) to store applications, documents, music, photos and videos, which helps users not to worry about space management. from the cell phone. However, there are still many phones, especially in the Android ecosystem, that offer very limited functionality and require every gigabyte, even every megabyte available, to be maintained.

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