June 29, 2022
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Physicists speculate about the possible existence of a mirror universe

idea that we have being It’s not unique, it’s just one of many a vast multiverse, it’s been in use as science fiction stuff for nearly a century. But as the instruments of cosmic observations became more accurate, we discovered that the line between fantasy and reality was very, very thin.

Previous research has already indicated the effects of other universes, including interaction (read collision) with our own. Now, researchers have come up with a strange idea, which would connect some loose ends in physics: Our universe would be an inverted twin, and thus, an inverted one, with time flowing in the opposite direction.

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The concept put forward by Neil Turok, Nathan Boyle and Kieran Finn, researchers in the Department of Theoretical Physics at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, is pretty simple when you stop to think about it. It posits that the Big Bang was, in fact, not a creation event, but an explosion that occurred in a finite space, an object, that’s yes, the universe. In itself.

In this model, the cosmic boundary would be fixed and the inflation period would only occur as long as matter did not reach the “edges” of the body, opposing the theory of rapid inflation shortly after the Big Bang. Things become interesting when you treat the universe as an object, because it will be subject to what we call CPT theory.

Greatly summing up the idea, any object in existence is subject to three constant physical systems: charge, valence and time, which are always the same, regardless of values, whether positive or negative charges, or interactions in time in any direction, or considering a reflected image in the mirror. Although reversible, all interactions are identical.

When looking at the universe as an object, and therefore subject to CPT symmetry, some things do not accumulate, such as the presence of dark matter. If our universe could simply be “turned on in reverse,” like a cylinder on a gramophone, then this would suggest the existence of an “anti-universe,” as scientists have suggested.

This former universe would be an inverted inversion of our universe in absolutely everything regarding the laws of physics, and the Big Bang in question would have added a copious amount of existing matter, which has exploded into the “bubble” of our universe and into all of the “bubble” of our universe. Antiverses. , but in the opposite direction, without any of them being detonated. Thus, this double reality for us will introduce strange elements.

One of them is neutrinos spinning in the opposite direction that we can interact with, given CPT symmetry. The ones we know are called “left-handed” because they rotate clockwise. Following this model, spinning an “anti-neutrino” counterclockwise could fit right in with what we now expect as dark matter, as just another “flavor” of neutrinos.

In 2010, the Planck space probe discovered traces of our universe colliding with others in the distant past

In 2010, the Planck space probe Discovered antiquities Image copyright ESA Image caption Our universe collided with others in the distant past (Credit: ESA)

The proposal made by the team of scientists suggests that the mirror universe will be permanently connected to us, being a perfect mirror of our physical interactions, only running in the opposite direction, including time.

However, the most interesting thing to see is that even if the proposal was completely out of the box, not to mention many would classify it as absurd, the possibility could even be tested in the future, as our monitoring tools get better and better.

The only problem is that we won’t be able to visit this reality anytime soon, as it is separated from our world by the Big Bang, which exists (if proven) outside our observable universe. On the other hand, it is possible to observe if the neutrinos that we know, from electrons, tau and muons, are all “left-handed”, can be a kind of Majorana fermion, which is their antiparticle.

Discussions about what neutrinos are, in the classification of fermions, are very old, as they do not fit into the Majorana or Dirac models, where they are not their antiparticles. Unrelated to this, there is speculation that one of the neutrinos has no mass, which proves the hypothesis of a universe that follows CPT symmetry, and thus indicates the existence of an anti-universe.

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source: Live Science