January 28, 2023

Pia Miranda shows the modest home she lives in with her fiancé’s family

Going home for the first time since the end offarm 14 “, Pia Miranda shared on Wednesday night (21) the reception she received from her in-laws, in addition to giving details about where she lives, in the Santa Cruz neighborhood in the western region of Rio de Janeiro.

“Pimentinhas, I’m going home now. It’s really far away,” said the runner-up in this edition. She was received with great joy by her family members, especially from her parents, Gabriel Rosa. “She’s more than just a hero, folks!” says his mother.

Next, Bea is shown the room where she was sleeping with her boyfriend and brother-in-law. She comments that she slept on the floor and jokes about the mess. “The room wasn’t like that, it changed everything. […] He’s just a man [que estava aqui]🇧🇷 So it’s a mess.”

To her surprise, her husband’s parents said they would give up their room so that she and Gabrielle could sleep there.

“We prepared it for you here when you arrived. You’re not like that now, no. Now you need a tidy little thing,” Gabrielle’s dad says.

In a video later in the stories, the former farmer says she is taking them out to dinner. “Since then we haven’t been together,” Pia says. Already at the restaurant, she was surprised by the fans who decided to meet with her in person.

Fans interact on networks

On the networks, fans of the former farmer commented on returning home. One user wrote on Twitter: “You deserve everything you achieve, Pia.”

Another person commented: “I wanted a transformation in my life like Bea Miranda. Poor, so humble, now you get everything you deserve.”

Other users commented on the simple house she lives in: “Let’s come and agree Pia said it’s beyond that.” [de] Humble. She didn’t lie, her father-in-law’s house doesn’t even have plaster.

“Bea Miranda featuring in the stories the house she lives with her in-laws. The room she shares with her boyfriend and his siblings, the humility that was questioned on the show, she deserves so much, the clan won,” another person wrote on Twitter.

Refuting the criticism of the influencer, one fan wrote: “When envy crosses all boundaries. […] Sad fact. While you speak badly, Bea Miranda is growing financially.”