Pierre Maudet loses the presidency and the police

Trip to Abu DhabiAntonio Hodgers became the president of the Council of State. Pierre Maudet loose the police and the Airport. “Measures are temporary and reversible,” says judge Green.

Pierre Maudet perd la présidence et la police

The Council of State seems to be a stopgap measure. While the calls to resign are coming, and Pierre Maudet said he agreed with the choice of the college.

The press release is dry as a shot stick and the new president of the Council of State Antonio Hodgers the bed in extenso. First report: “Mr. Maudet gave the wrong information to the State Council on several occasions, under the previous legislature as well as the present. The result is that he has violated the rules of the Council of State in matters of procedure, protocol and the non-acceptance of gift.”

Second observation: “In order to preserve the institutions, Mr. Maudet has announced its decision to waive provisionally the presidency of the government, joining in the concern of the college.” Result, the powers of the elected officials in place are derived: the department of presidential affairs returns to Antonio Hodgers. The police in its entirety pass to Mauro Poggia. Geneva Airport joined the department of Serge dal Busco.

Resignation is excluded

Factually, that is there to Pierre Maudet? The office of the detention, population and migration, military affairs, the monitoring of the municipalities, the economic development directorate or the Foundation of assistance to businesses. Its immense power will remain as crumbs.

In the Face of this deterioration, the magistrate PLR will he resign? “This would be a loophole to which I refused, said Pierre Maudet. I hope to continue to contribute to the collective effort and need for Geneva.” Interviewed in German by a fellow German, he develops: “I’m a fighter. With the government, I want to fight for Geneva and for my honor. This is why I renounce temporarily to the presidency.”

The other members of the government-they, them, asked Pierre Maudet to resign? “This question does not fall within the scope of the prerogatives of the State Council,” responds Antonio Hodgers. He acknowledges, however, that the confidence in their colleague has been shaken. “The State Council is not an authority of sanctions that could punish any of its members, he adds. This is not how it works in Switzerland.”

A first burst nice

This is the second time in a week that the State Council convened the press in the wake of the request for waiver of the parliamentary immunity requested by the attorney general against the elected HWP. The first time, soft measures had been ordered. The college had removed some of the functions targeted, but he had retained his titles of chairman of the Council of State and the Department of safety and security.

Certainly Pierre Maudet had to give the vice president the task of representing the government to the outside as well as the organization of the sessions of the Council of State, but he had kept almost all the commands of the Security, and in particular those of the police. Why harden the tone for a week after?

“The Council of State had prepared these first measures primarily on the basis of the denials prior to Mr. Maudet, explains Antonio Hodgers. The new version that we delivered in the morning, and his testimony at Léman Bleu have changed the game, but we didn’t want to react to ” hot under the blow of emotion. The Council of State fully assumes the fact of having taken a week to decide.”

Deal with any criticism

Asked, Pierre Maudet promises to be totally in agreement with the decisions taken on Thursday. “I share the measures because their aim is to preserve the institution at its best,” he says. This has always been my line of conduct.”

The councillor of State PLR, therefore, believes it is also necessary to get away. Including on the airport. “There is no element that can make one think that Mr. Maudet had an influence in the award of a mandate to Dnata, insists Antonio Hodgers. But it is necessary to extend the waterproofing so far by gain peace and to avoid any suspicion.”


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