February 5, 2023
Pigeon Shop, Fighting, Jealousy, Suspicion: Check Zé Leôncio and Madeleine's Wedding Nonsense in 'Pantanal' |  Come to me around - come

Pigeon Shop, Fighting, Jealousy, Suspicion: Check Zé Leôncio and Madeleine’s Wedding Nonsense in ‘Pantanal’ | Come to me around – come

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In the Pantanal, it is Antero (Leopoldo Pacheco) who convinces Zee Leoncio (Renato Gus) to marry – Photo: TV Globo

This Saturday from wet landa pawn is taken by the Novaes sisters to shower in the shop, with a suit and shoes, something he hesitates to wear.

At the time of the ceremony, in the closet, Zé Leôncio thinks he may have been hasty, that he may be doing the wrong thing, and it’s up to him. Entero (Leopoldo Pacheco) Trim the edges. Meanwhile, Madeleine, who is waiting for her fiancé, collapses, thinking she will take her missing fiancé.

In ‘Pantanal’, Madeleine (Bruna Linzmeyer) is angry to see that Zé Leôncio (Renato Góes) is wearing shoes at the wedding – Image: TV Globo

Convinced by his father-in-law, Pantanero climbs to the altar, says the long-awaited yes, but another stress occurs: he’s wearing shoes and he’s not wearing the right shoes! Angry at seeing her husband’s appearance, Madeleine shrugs and doesn’t care about the party. This time it’s sister (Malu Rodriguez) ceded by persuading her sister to coexist with the pawn.

In the Pantanal, Irma (Malo Rodriguez) is smitten with Zé Leôncio (Renato Góes) – Photo: TV Globo

Madeleine combines the useful with the fun and instead of staying in the party, she starts the afternoon of the wedding day in her room.

“I’m ready, Jose Leoncio…Ready for you…Ready for our honeymoon. Why don’t we start our party?” , she asks seductively, while Irma watches the scene through a crack in the door. Torment of love.

Do you think the nonsense is over? this is nothing…

The big engagement is the departure of Madeleine to wet land. She says she will never live in the middle of the jungle.

“Not because we’re married because I’m going with you to the woods. I’m not kidding, José Loncio: I won’t. I didn’t become yours!”

Once again Antero enters the scene to intercede for his daughter, but that is in vain.

“If there’s no way, we’ll cancel everything! But I don’t leave here without taking my wife. I’ll only leave here, married, with your daughter on my back!”

“I’d rather live with her upset, on my part, than be resentful of her,” says the groom.

When she says goodbye to her brother-in-law, Irma says she’d like to meet him on another occasion, and Zé Leôncio reacts by showing her an attraction.

“If we were the ones who wrote the pages of our destiny, who knows, we would have written them differently,” says Irma.

“Yes… if we were the ones who wrote it, who knows,” he answered after I interrupted him marianna (Salma Agri).

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02 April


Madeline accepts the request and Mariana is angry. Tiao and Quim try to persuade Philo to participate in the viola circuit at the farm shed. Jose Leoncio tells the story of his father to the Madeleine family. Maria Gill promised to take her own life if she became pregnant again. Madeleine tells Irma about her night with Jose Leoncio. Mariana interrogates Madeleine about her feelings for her fiancé. Maria allows Jill to get close to her. Irma is fascinated by the stories of Jose Loncio. Madeleine asks Antero to speed up her marriage. Philo cries thinking of Jose Leoncio. Erma tries to honor her brother-in-law when Madeleine approaches and scares her sister.

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