Pile-up of highway 20: Bonnardel triggers an investigation [VIDEO]

Carambolage de l’autoroute 20: Bonnardel déclenche une enquête [VIDÉO]

Dissatisfied with the responses he has received from his officials, the minister of Transport, François Bonnardel triggers an internal investigation of what caused the huge pile-up on highway 20 last Saturday.

Around noon, a pile-up involving 200 vehicles, and extending for about 30 kilometres, occurred at the height of Laurier-Station, in Lotbinière, while bad weather conditions involving snow and blowing snow were over.

“I do not wish to pile-up in Quebec. When there are cannons, you must answer my questions. You must give me all the information I want to get to that ever there are cannons in Quebec. I was not satisfied with the answers that I have obtained,” said Mr. Bonnardel in impromptu press.

The minister believes that the “many causes” are the source of these multiple collisions. That is why he has asked his deputy minister to shed light on the people who were in office at that time and the decisions that have been taken to the ministry, especially with regard to the maintenance of the roadway.

“It would be premature to reveal to you what I think happened,” says Mr. Bonnardel, which promises, however, to make public the results of this survey in the next few weeks.

A person has been severely injured in this pile-up, which also caused extensive material damage and caused the closure of highway 20 to traffic for long hours on Saturday.


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