“Pills “, short film, Alice’s Lefèvre: young people and drugs

« Pills », court-métrage d'Alice Lefèvre: les jeunes et les médicaments

Represent the screen the intake of a drug by the youth, such is the objective that was set Alice Lefevre. A native of Brome-Missisquoi, the young woman signed her first film — the short film “Pills” — thanks to the support of the community missisquoise.

Pills, this is the story of Alice, the character, and also a bit like Alice filmmaker. A young woman who has been living for four years with an illness that requires taking medicine.

“The target audience, these are sick people, this is not a documentary to explain our daily life, I don’t want to do the lesson in person, it is a work of fiction “, says Alicia Lefèvre. Behind this creation is cache, however, the desire to ” represent on the screen what she had ever seen.”

Suffering herself from fibromyalgia for the past four years, the artist wished to portray a positive view of life despite the use of the drug. Alice Lèfevre wrote the screenplay for the film and plays the main role.

“With this film, I would like to be a positive role model ; my goal is that a sick person will say, “finally someone who shows the moment where I lock myself in the toilet to take my medication” even if it is an intimate moment. I would also like that my film is seen by the nursing staff so that they understand that a prescription medication that is not benign “, she says.


After a few not in the film industry, she wanted to surround himself with a team more experienced for the realization of the project. “I am doing the photography for a moment, I started to work as assistant director in the fall, but I don’t have much experience there. I said to myself that if I wanted my project done, I had to surround myself with competent people. “A fundraising campaign has therefore been set on foot during the Holiday season and has helped raise 5500 $, thanks in large part to the support of the community of Brome-Missisquoi, highlights Alice Lefevre.

“I’ve been much active on the social networks to promote the campaign of sociofinancement, but I realized that those who gave were of people who feel close to me. I was walking in the street and people would strike me for me to talk about the project, ” said Alice Lefevre.

The film has also been completely turned in the region with scenes in Dunham as well as in the city and at the Cégep de Granby in mid-January.

Future projects

This short film could be the first step of a career, gliding Alice Lefevre. After graduating as a social worker, the young woman headed towards a master’s degree in cinema. “I’m already in the process of looking for funding for my next project : a capsule on the earth worm !” states the artist. Alice Lefèvre would like to invite well-known personalities to read a story to children about earthworms to explain the importance of biodiversity.

In the meantime, Pills will be unveiled for the first time on 9 march at the café Rond-point in Montreal. The first regional will be held march 14, at the Round top bagel Sutton in a formula 5 to 7. The short film will be back in Brome-Missisquoi the 22 march to the Beat & beet Frelighsburg during an evening of micro-open. It will also be possible to view free of charge the film as of march 23, on the web.

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