Pink Hummingbird: experience silky

Pink Colibri: une expérience soyeuse

If you are going to make your tour to the Christmas Market LOKO this weekend at Complexe sportif Artopex, it’s a safe bet that you will not be able to resist the temptation to linger at the kiosk, Pink Hummingbird. Because the duo of Lisanne Side and Pascal Simoneau will more than provide you with articles on sale : he will invite you to live your own unique creation.

Since a few months ago, a couple in life as in business, dabbled in that run. Using water, paint and scraps of fabrics, it manufactures silk scarves worthy fabrics obtained from ancient techniques of the Turkey, and south-east Asia.

She is a graphic designer by training, he works in the field of transport. Living in Ayer’s Cliff, both of them are self-employed in their respective field for several years, and therefore have the entrepreneurial spirit and well-developed.

The idea of launching their own small business is coming to Lisanne, it was just one year ago. “I’ve always loved the Do It Yourself and I dreamed of starting my small business, but I wanted something unique, that does not yet exist in Quebec,” she says.

“Last winter, I saw a video on the Net that is coming to pick me up, and in the course of my research, I stumbled on a formation that the u.s. was in line and I followed in the spring.”

This technique, which she speaks, it is the that run on water. The tradition dates back to the Twelfth and Thirteenth centuries, first in Japan (suminagashi), and then in Turkey (ebru). It is to print various designs on paper or organic fabric (silk, cotton, etc) from dyes that float on the water.

In the hands of the couple, it results in beautiful creations from the small scarf pocket scarf sophisticated, always 100% silk. “It is relatively easy to achieve, admits the duo with a single voice. And so much fun to do!”

Steps to follow

In a large basin filled with about 2 inches of water “slime” obtained through the addition of a particular product which helps to float the dyes, are deposited, at the discretion of our fancy, a few drops of different shades of acrylic chosen to achieve our creation.

“The paint will spread, and through various instruments, we will be able to create different patterns, ranging from hearts to flowers, passing through the foliage, bubbles, lines, etc”, explains Lisanne and Pascal in turn.

“Thanks to the product, the colors do not mix, they repel each other, and this is what makes the magic of the thing! Black and white will never grey.”

When you are satisfied with the result, just drop the tissue previously surfaced on all for there to be instant impression of the pattern created. “Then, rinse to remove excess product, let dry, then back to fix the color. It is washable, durable and permanent.”

“We offer the chance to live an experience at the same time that to offer or to offer a gift unique, because there will never be two alike. And people can leave immediately with their creation. ”

Lisanne Side

The technique is at once so simple and so impressive, Lisanne Side and Pascal Simoneau had the brilliant idea to propose, in the salon or at events, corporate or private, the experience of creation to the visitors.

They wound their equipment, and anyone can engage in the game. “It’s super accessible, not require any artistic skill in particular. Our youngest client was three years old, and with the help of his grandma, he has made a scarf for her mom in a fun way,” says Lisanne.

“We offer the same basic kits for those who would like to be introduced to the house with the paper, rather than silk,” says his spouse.

And the prices are very affordable : between 20 and 49 $. “For a unique gift, handmade with 100% natural products, custom and that is almost magic!” do they think they are worth mentioning.

Other articles to come

After only four or five months old, and barely more salons, Pink Hummingbird begins to arouse the enthusiasm of the audience. Granby, this weekend will be its last stop before the Holiday break.

If for the moment, only scarves are available, it is not excluded, in a near future, to see other products added to the offer, ” says Pascal. “We are exploring the best way to make neckties and bow ties. And also, perhaps, pareos, if you can get larger tanks.”

Pink Colibri: une expérience soyeuse

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