May 30, 2023
"Pipoca" does not convince, Ivete Sangalo is compared to "Casa Kalimann" and does not forgive the web: "shame on others"

“Pipoca” does not convince, Ivete Sangalo is compared to “Casa Kalimann” and does not forgive the web: “shame on others”


The former BBB show premiered in 2021 on Globoplay and never made it past the first season

The web compares Ivete Sangalo to
The web compares Ivete Sangalo to Casa Kalimann. Photo: TV Globo reproduction.

the program Ivete popcorn, on Globo, finally had its premiere last Sunday afternoon (24) to secure first place audiences for Globo. But the attraction led by singer Yvette Sangalo did not convince the web and opinions were divided among Internet users. The programme, which lasts about two hours, is shown before Sunday noon matches, followed by the “Domingão com Huck” programme.

In social networks, Internet users Compare today’s beginner with Casa Kalimann, a failed bet by the group to put newcomer Rafa Kaliman as a presenter on Globoplay. “Ivete had to be the guest star on her show. Casa Kaliman must have made a lot of celebrities ignore the zap messages that Dumpling sends,” one netizen posted on Twitter.

“Guys, what a shame about this Ivete,” another user of the same social network slammed. Globoplay invested in former BBB Rafa Kaliman As a presenter in charge of a talk show that mixes jokes with interviews. The show was unsuccessful, the show did not last and ended after only one season. “A combination of everything and nothing at the same time??? It looks like Kaliman’s house. Another said.

But, not only does devastating criticism live on in the show, Yvette had positive points in the public eye. “To say that Yvette Sangalo does not have charisma is, to say the least, nonsense,” the profile posted by Geovanna Gatas. “The only thing that supports this as a TV show is the allure of Ivete Sangalo,” said another internet user.