September 26, 2023
PIS 2022 calendar is out, with new value;  See the official PIS 2022 calendar, dates and latest news

PIS 2022 calendar is out, with new value; See the official PIS 2022 calendar, dates and latest news

Finally, the Brazilians who have been waiting PIS / Pasep 2022 Salary Bonus Payments Programming can begin. After long waiting , already left PIS 2022 and PASIP calendar.

the The official PIS 2022 calendar e do BASS Friday approved the Development Board of the Workers’ Support Fund (Codfat).

You can check files PIS 2022 calendar with dates, plus Pasep, less.

PIS 2022 calendar released

the Salary Pass PIS / Pasep Awarded to an employee registered in PIS / Pasep for at least five years and who have formally worked for at least 30 days in base year 2020.

the The PIS / Pasep 2022 salary allowance had its new calendar Approved by Codefat, Friday afternoon (7). The proposal was handed over by the government on Wednesday (5).

In addition, the new PIS/Pasep value has been certified [confira abaixo].

PIS calendar dates 2022

PIS salary bonus is paid by Caixa Econômica Federal to workers in the private sector. Check out the official PIS 2022 calendar below:

The official PIS 2022 calendar

born in received it from get up
Janeiro February 8 December 29
February February 10 December 29
March February 15 December 29
April February 17 December 29
may be February 22 December 29
June February 24 December 29
July March 15 December 29
August March 17 December 29
September March 22 December 29
October March 24 December 29
November March 29 December 29
December March 31 December 29

BASEP calendar 2022

Pasep salary bonus is paid by Banco do Brasil to public employees. Check out the full calendar below:

end of recording received it from get up
0-1 February 15 December 29
2-3 February 17 December 29
4 February 22 December 29
5 February 24 December 29
6 March 15 December 29
7 March 17 December 29
8 March 22 December 29
9 March 24 December 29

new value

With the readjustment of the minimum wage, in 2022, the value of the salary bonus PIS / Pasep also changed. This is because the PIS/Pasep Salary Allowance calculation is 1/12th of the minimum wage in effect on the date of payment.

This value is multiplied by the number of working months in the corresponding year, rounded up, according to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

If the beneficiary works throughout the entire year of 2020, he will receive the minimum salary allowance, R$1,212, in 2022.

If you work for 1 month, you will receive R$101. Fractions of 15 days or more are considered 30 days.

The salary bonus differs from the PIS/Pasep shares, due to citizens who worked between 1971 and 1988 and who have not yet withdrawn the funds.