July 18, 2024

PIS 2022 calendar release; See the dates and who will receive up to 1,212 BRL

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to push Calendar allowance 2022 Pis / Pasep. a Box Starting February 8th, Económica Federal will release the new payments for the salary bonus already known to Brazilians. Those who worked under a formal contract in 2020 and earned up to a minimum wage will receive PIS/PASEP.

The Consultative Council of the Workers’ Support Fund (Codefat) has issued a preview of the calendar proposed by the government. More than 23 million workers will receive a salary allowance for the year 2020, i.e. the bonus will be paid to those who worked with an official contract throughout 2020.

Last year, the government did not pay the allowance and this amount was withheld following a decision by Codefat. Now, the schedule has changed and the expectation is to pay all beneficiaries by March 2022 (calendar 2020). Initial expectations were for the allowance to be released each month according to the month of Christmas. The government said it will pay the allowance for 2021 only in 2023.

Pis Calendar 2022 starts in February

According to the calendar model proposed by the government on Codefat, Pis payments will start on February 8 for those born in January and run until March 31 when money is deposited for those born in December.

Who is in the group PASEP (Public Employees) will start receiving on February 15, with deposits to be completed by March 24.

There is a deadline for the withdrawal of the Pis/Pasep allowance and it runs until December 29, 2022 for all groups. Whoever does not withdraw will not lose the value that will accumulate for the next issue that the government will issue next year.

Check out what’s new PES/BASEP calendar 2022 Which will have deposits from February to March 2022 for all groups. Payments will follow the beneficiary’s month of birth. See the two calendars:

birth month Payment date Pis 2022
Janeiro February 08
February February 10
March February 15
April February 17
may be February 22
June February 24
July March 15
August March 17
September March 22
October March 24
November March 29
December March 31
Final registration number Pasip payment date 2022
0 February 15
1 February 15
2 February 17
3 February 17
4 February 22
5 February 24
6 March 15
7 March 17
8 March 22
9 March 24

How to make a Pis query by CPF

There is a way to find out if you will receive the refund. To perform the query, the worker must access a file Caixa Economica Federal websiteWhere is the option Check out Pis by CPF or a shekel number. Some users have reported problems accessing the site, claiming that they are unable to access the PIS snippet.

Another way to consult Pis / Pasep is by cashier worker app. The tool that also gives access to information about unemployment insurance and INSS Available for android phones [veja aqui] Also for iPhone (iOS) [baixe aqui].

But there is still another form of counseling that is frequently employed to arrive at a PIS scale. Through the Digital Work Card application available for mobile phones Android And also iOS.

After downloading the application and logging into your account, simply access the “Benefits” tab in the footer. a look:

CTPS Digital brings PIS extractor - Photo: Disclosure
CTPS Digital brings PIS extractor – Photo: Disclosure

Instead of 2022, who can receive it?

Brazilians who have worked at least 30 days with an official contract in 2020 are entitled to a Pis / Pasep allowance in 2022. Also, to access the withdrawal, it is necessary to meet the following requirements:

  • Be registered with PIS/PASEP for at least five years;
  • Earned an average monthly wage up to a minimum wage during the base year (2020);
  • engaged in a remunerated activity, for at least 30 days, in the base year being counted;
  • Ask your employer (legal entity) to properly report your data in the Annual Social Information Report (RAIS).

What is PES and PACEP?

The Social Integration Program (PIS) is the tax contribution paid by private sector workers who work under a formal contract. The fund is managed by Caixa Econômica Federal, which annually issues a salary bonus to workers.

The Public Employees Asset Creation Program (Pasep) is a fund aimed at workers in the public sector, and managed by Bank of Brazil.

How do I know my Pis/Pasep number?

There are two ways to determine your benefits number. The first by referring to the business card (CTPS), the Pis number should be on the first page with the other data.

Another way is to access the INSS website – https://meu.inss.gov.br/ – where My INSS app. Then follow the steps below:

  • Log in with your single login to Gov.br;
  • Enter your CPF number and click Continue (or Register);
  • After logging in, click on the “My Registration” tab in the upper left corner. There should be data such as full name, CPF number, PIS / NIT number.

Pis/Pasep . value

With the new minimum wage for 2022, workers earning the minimum wage will receive a salary of R$1,212.00, an increase of R$112.00 compared to the minimum wage in 2021.

If the worker proves 3 months, he will get 3/12 of the current minimum wage – see table below.

as in Pensions and Benefits INSS, the Pis/Pasep salary bonus adjustment is also based on the national minimum salary. Thus, see below the table with values ​​of Pis in 2022 with the ratio of each working month:

Percentage (months of work) Allowance amount in 2022
1 101,00 BRL
2 202.00 BRL
3 303.00 Brazilian Real
4 404.00 BRL
5 505.00 BRL
6 606.00 BRL
7 707.00 BRL
8 808.00 BRL
9 909.00 BRL
10 1.010.00 Brazilian Real
11 1.111.00 Brazilian Real
12 1.212.00 Brazilian Real

Also, in accordance with Article 5 of Provisional Measure No. 946 of April 7, 2020, the values ​​of the PIS stakes will be considered obsolete as of June 1, 2025, when they are transferred to the Federal Government. Thus, PIS withdrawals will be available for withdrawals until May 31, 2025.

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