December 8, 2022
Pix is ​​not created in the current administration, says the head of the central bank

Pix is ​​not created in the current administration, says the head of the central bank

Central Bank President Roberto Campos Neto said today that pixel It was not a project of his administration, but an institutional achievement of the Central Committee, when he was asked about the use of the instrument of instant payments in the election campaign of the President of the Republic and the candidate for re-election, Jair Bolsonaro (PL).

BC servers claim the creation of Pix, which, although launched in November 2020, during the Bolsonaro government, was created during the administration of Michel Temer.

When answering the question, Campos Neto explained that there was already a working group on instant payments before his arrival, with positive conclusions for the development of this project.

During his administration, the British Columbia president said, there was an understanding that immediate payments should take priority.

“The BC team has worked day and night during the pandemic to make Pix a success. Pix has proven to be a success, an achievement for BC employees, and it’s just the beginning, and there’s a lot to talk about,” said Campos Neto. “Pix wasn’t my project, it’s a BC project, and it has a lot of new features coming in the future.”

Bolsonaro is lying when he says he created Pix

Especially at the beginning of the election campaign, President Jair Bolsonaro claimed for himself and his government to establish the mechanism. “We created it in 2020. Remember, right? The difficulty of you making a transfer of resources,” he says in the 30-second recording. “It’s our government innovating.”

However, the president was not involved in creating the instant payments system. As mentioned, the central bank started the process of creating the platform in 2018, during the Temer government. The president of British Columbia at the time was economist Ilan Goldfein.

In May 2018, five months before the election, BC created a working group called Instant Payments to produce the system specification that would be Pix. Members of the responsible team at BC say the concept of the tool has existed since 2016, three years before economist Roberto Campos Neto, who was appointed by Bolsonaro in 2019, took over as head of the body.

When a Bolsonaro supporter called about the payment model for the first time in 2020, he showed he didn’t know what it was all about. At the time, Pix was thought to have something to do with civil aviation.

Bolsonaro then stated that he does not know what is going on around him. “I didn’t know, I’m going to speak this week with Campos Neto,” he said.

Six months after its publication, the president had not used instant pay. He said in a live broadcast that he did not use the system. He said, “I don’t have it, I’m in the mood to make one there. Is money being deposited into our account for free? If I ask, will people put it? I’ll make my Pix there,” he said.

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