November 28, 2023

Pix should have new functions in 2023; Meet some of them

Young man shopping online at home and paying via PIX.  PIX is a new electronic payment system in Brazil.

Young man shopping online at home and paying via PIX. PIX is a new electronic payment system in Brazil.

PIx has caught the taste of Brazilians as few expected. a The electronic transaction system recently recorded 100 million transactions in one day, which is a record🇧🇷

In 2023, the central bank promises new features in the tool. Currently, Pix can already be used to pay vouchers or exchange QR codes or “copy and paste” functions. Pix Automático, one of the novelties to be launched, will allow users to schedule recurring payments such as electricity, water, telephone and internet bills, just as it happens today with a checking account.

BC’s expectations are to increase Pix’s competition with credit and debit cards in payment services such as flowgyms and even contracted transportation and delivery like Uber and iFood.

Another function the central bank is working on is Pix Internacional, which could allow instant transactions between users in Brazil and people and businesses in other countries. The main obstacle remains the reconciliation of the various judicial organs.

Although not on BC’s agenda in 2023, Pix credit operations, which enable installment purchases, have been set up by some banks and financial firms.

This service ensures that the full amount will be received immediately, but allows the payer to repay the debt in instalments, usually with interest. It’s called Secured Pix. The trend is for the model to be promoted by banks next year.

central bank changes rules for Pix; Check for changes

This Friday, December 1, The central bank has changed the rules for using Pix🇧🇷 Instant payment system established by the municipality🇧🇷 The focus of the changes was on value limits for transactions and according to BC. The new rules come into effect from January 2, 2023.

The idea behind the changes, according to the foundation, is to simplify the rules, Improve user experiencebut still Current level of security. From them, for example, it will be easier for Pix to pay salaries and pensions, as well as receive amounts from bank correspondents, like lottery houses.