December 6, 2023

Pizzolano explains his role in Cruzeiro’s recruitment process with Ronaldo

Pizzolano was not satisfied with Cruzeiro’s performance in the derby against America (Picture: Staff Images/Cruzeiro)

After Cruzeiro’s 2-0 defeat against America, on Saturday (11), at the Arena do Jacari, in Sete Lagoas, first leg of the semi-finals of the Campeonato Mineiro, Paulo Pizzolano clarified his role in the process of assembling the squad. Heavenly Squad. The Uruguay coach also asked the fans to calm down so that the players could coexist.

When explaining in detail how Raposa was hired, Pizzolano made a point of highlighting the club’s delicate financial moment. According to him, the football division must be creative with the available budget before making any move in the market.

“We have a scouting team for the players. I pass on the characteristics of the players and their positions. But let’s talk about something else, you have to know and we can’t forget. Cruzeiro has a very big economic problem. I can want to get the best player, but he can’t bring him. Ronaldo wants the best, but he can’t hire him, because he’s in too much debt,” he said.

“The challenge is knowing the players will arrive at different times. If I had 17 players at the start of January, that’s one thing, I’d have two months of work. But the players arrive, so there’s always difficulty with what to do on the pitch because we’re trying to do something.” It’s different and it’s a tough game. It takes time.”

So far, Cruzeiro has announced 16 players for the season. The last athlete to be introduced was running back Marlon, who has yet to participate. Another player who is about to become official is midfielder Richard Coelho, who is on loan by Ciara until the end of this year.