June 26, 2022
Players discover how to "stop" the game

Players discover how to “stop” the game

elden ring It does not have a “Pause” button so that players can rest while playing. However, fans have found a way to make the feature work, without using tweaks or bugs. With special RPG menus, it is possible to keep going.

Whether in the midst of an uphill battle or just exploring the Midlands, when inventory is opened, the option to view an explanation of commands provides a break from the gameplay. An Internet user demonstrated the process in a video:

guess what? The Elden Ring has a pause button. Just open “Menu Explanation” on the inventory screen. It’s not a meme, it really works!

The tool is for those who need help when interacting with the inventory of items. FromSoftware has not commented on this shortcut being described as a bug or something unintentional, which eventually caught the attention of Elden Ring players.

The player recreates Sekiro’s boss in the Elden Ring

Using the Elden Ring crafting mode, a player crafted a contaminated identical to Genichiro Ashina, one of the bosses in the Sekiro: Shadows die twice. See the result of the combination of skills and appearance click here!