December 2, 2022
Imagem de: Processo de desbloqueio é descoberto no PlayStation 5; veja vídeo

PlayStation 5 unlock process detected; Watch the video

you look like Opening processAlthough it is still very limited, it has finally been It was discovered on PlayStation 5. The solution is supposed to allow users to access functions or install software that is not originally available or unofficial for the console.

The revelation was made by Lance McDonald, a famous user of the mod scene who recently popped up to release an unofficial update for Play Bloodborne at 60 fps.

On Twitter, he showed the console working with jailbreak, implemented by user SpecterDev, explaining the functionality of the patch menu, as well as installing the PlayStation 4’s PKG file – a PT view, removed from the official store – as evidence of what unlocking allows. Check it out below:

Limited unlock on PS5

At the moment, unlocking is still limited and can only be performed on consoles with firmware version 4.03, released in October 2021. However, according to the creator, Benefitwhich uses a system vulnerability to make the modification, only works about 30% of the time, requiring multiple attempts.

Also, even if the process is completed successfully, its functionality is still very limited. For example, even if MacDonald installs the PT program, the jailbreak still does not grant access to run the program and run the title.

Whatever the case, the launch of this process certainly represents a huge step in that direction and new interest for Sony, which this week Launch a new loyalty programPlaystation Stars, Asia.