July 22, 2024

Pokah reveals the truth behind the controversial video about “dust” on “BBB 21”, and warns: “I will sue”

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Fotojet (51)

Ten days left until the movie premiere.BBB 22But it seems that there are still questions to be clarified about the latest release… This Friday (7) is for the singer’s example Pokah Use your personal account on Twitter To comment on your video Carla Diaz Which went viral on social media at the time of confinement, which means she was talking about cocaine.

In the recording, which turns and animates back on the web, Carioca talks with the outdoorsy actress about the country’s most-watched in-home hair care. “Wow, today my head flooded”Diaz said, referring to the cosmetic cosmetics. “Did you get the dust where? Powder makeup?”Pokah then asks, as she laughs with her friend. “Have you not used it before?”, asks Carla about a technique for reducing oil in strands and leaving them more flexible. “number”Then the artist replies.

Many netizens explained that Pokah’s reaction in this dialogue was that in addition to confusing the product with cocaine, she had already used it and was embarrassed when she gave a negative answer to Carla Diaz. The singer has denied using the substance at any time in her life, revealing what she was really thinking at that moment. However, she threatened to sue anyone who continued to suggest she was taking the drug.

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“I love the video of Carla talking about flicking her hair, but I need to talk about people interpreting it. My hands over my mouth and my face like ‘Oh my God, I said shit’ It was only because I forgot the powder has different meanings and I thought they thought I I took cocaine. And the answer to everyone’s question: No, I didn’t and won’t. I just didn’t think of translucent powder makeup, I’m out of reach! So stop saying I use this drug because I’m going to sue you all, thank you!”, shooting.

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