July 20, 2024

Pokah was assaulted, robbed and sexually assaulted by her ex-husband

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Pokah was assaulted, robbed and sexually assaulted by her ex-husband
Pokah was assaulted, robbed and sexually assaulted by her ex-husband

Singer Pokah has spoken openly about the period in her life when she was “assaulted, robbed, sexually and psychologically abused” by her ex-partner, during their six-year relationship.

In an interview with the “PodDelas” podcast, the artist, clearly moved, explained that her report is “not a victim”, but rather a way, by sharing her experience, to help other women who are facing the same situation of abuse and violence. But they are unable to denounce and free themselves from their aggressors.

“I have told you many times what I have been through, and I am not summing it up to this man, but he has already assaulted me, robbed me, and abused me sexually and psychologically in every possible way,” he began. “I like to testify here, man, look at everything I’ve been through, turned around, and been able to leave everything behind. I talk about it because I like to talk, not play the victim, because I know there are now many women going through exactly what I’ve been through” .

On the podcast, Pokah admitted that she feels guilty in some situations for everything she’s been through, even though she knows she’s not responsible for anything. However, celebs wonder, “It’s too bad to hear people say, ‘Why didn’t you report it?'” If it was so bad, why did you stay with the person for six years? ”, while in fact she reported it to the authorities, but at times her attacker locked her in her room, prevented her from speaking to the police, and the agents left after listening to him without bothering to collect his version of events.

“I tried to report it, I even called for help at a time when I thought I was going to die. I called the police and he locked me in the house, went downstairs, and he answered [os agentes na porta] “It’s a fight between husband and wife, everything is fine, everything is calm, she is resting there,” he said. Nobody wanted to hear me, nobody wanted to know if I was alive, if I was dead, nobody wanted to investigate, nobody came. It was locked, I couldn’t [sair]. when is [voltou para o quarto] And seeing him alone, I thought: “Today he’s killing me.” Then he attacked me and I tried to escape, so I went to my mother’s house the next day and chased after me,” the artist said, noting that he apologized, and said “that he is being exploited by the devil” and that he will not repeat it .. aggressive behavior .. but he repeated it.

“Today the testimony I tell is my victory, over what I have gone through, for a woman who does not need anything in it, the victory is all mine,” said Pokah, emphasizing that the turning point out of this state of violence was when their daughter Victoria was born.

“My daughter was a turning point in my life for everything. All my love was transferred to her, she gave me strength I never imagined I would feel in life, she saved me, when you become a mother you take strength and I don’t know where. And I didn’t want to raise my daughter in that environment.” I said, “This is not what I want for my daughter.”

In the interview, Pokah said that the last time she was physically assaulted by her ex-husband, all this happened in front of her mother, and she almost went blind, after he put his finger in her eye and drew blood. When she was taken to the hospital, she had to lie about what happened, as the attacker threatened her if she told the truth.

“The last time my mom was attacked she was there, I was almost blind, [e] Out of brutal jealousy, he put his finger in my eyes, and drew blood from my eyes. It was really a crazy thing. He took me to the hospital, and I had to lie in the hospital, because he said that if I told the truth I would suffer the consequences. From there I said “I want to go to my mother’s house”. I have been abandoned [por ele] With black eyes, my face completely disfigured, a 6-month-old baby on my arms, and there’s still love, even with all I’ve been through, So this abandonment, aggression, holding it all together, said ‘That’s it, I have to go through during this” [sendo que] He was already with another pregnant woman. That was the beginning of my life, with my daughter, my family and my career.”

Pokah made it clear that on paper she was not married to her ex-partner, but that the two had work contracts. When she came to him to sign “Chapter” and get her belongings back, he sexually assaulted her in the car, and her ex-father had seen the act doing nothing to help her.

“I was in my car, at his door to sign, he took and hid my key, abused myself, and tried to fight him, but I had no strength. So I gave in to leave and he said. Next to the car, I screamed for help, and he did nothing.”

Today, Pokah says she encourages all women who experience domestic violence or any other type of abuse to report their abusers, seek help at the women’s police station, and if they can’t get protection from the authorities, report on social networks to establish the vision, And with repercussions, justice can be done.

while booking inBBB 21″, Pokah They may have participated in some of the violence they suffered. At the time, the funk singer explained that she was raped while Vitoria was pregnant. At the time, she was in a relationship with MC Roba a Cena, the father of her daughter, who declined to comment on the matter.

How to report domestic violence

In cases of domestic violence, that is, when someone witnesses this type of aggression, the Military Police 190 should be called.

Ligue 180 is the channel created for women who experience situations of violence. The Women’s Help Center operates across the country and abroad 24 hours a day. The call is free. Ligue 180 receives complaints and provides expert advice and referrals to protection services and psychological assistance. It is also possible to activate this service via Whatsapp. In this case, the phone number is (61) 99656-5008.

Domestic violence crimes can be registered at any police station, if there is no women’s police station near the victim. In cases where the life of the woman or her family is in danger, the police chief may request preventive action, at the time of the recording of the incident, or directly to justice by the victim or her attorney.

The victim can also request support at centers Helping women in public defender officesOr Social Assistance Reference Centers, Health Assistance Reference Centers, or Brazilian Women’s Homes. The unit closest to the victim can be found on each state’s government website.

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