July 22, 2024

Pokémon Legend: Arceus has been praised by the Japanese press

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Pokémon Legend: Arceus has been praised by the Japanese press
Pokémon Legend: Arceus has been praised by the Japanese press

Pokemon Legends: Arceus It will only be released on January 28, but the Japanese press has already had access to the game and have been able to release some impressions about this exclusive Nintendo Switch adventure beforehand.

Contrary to the pessimism of part of the audience, the first opinions were very positive, especially in the traditional Famitsu magazine, which celebrated the fact that this project was “completely different from its predecessors”.

Being able to ride a Pokémon and wondering what Pokémon you’ll find in the open world is intimidating, and “The first thing that strikes you is how exciting it is to navigate through vast fields! It’s great to be able to fly in the sky and see little Pokémon from a distance.”

The high level of difficulty was also a pleasant surprise to the reviewers, who gave as an example a fight against the new creature Cleaver, who needs to calm down with food. “It’s surprisingly hard to be a Pokémon adventure, but it’s not so difficult as to be impossible.”

As 4Gamer noted, “The Pokemon that appears on the map changes depending on the time of the game, with Drifloon only appearing later. What caught our attention is the way he attacks whenever he sees us! Even without getting into a fight!, they charge the player mercilessly. Seems to be a sign of What life was like before humans and little monsters became friends.”

Still about it, the site concludes that Legends of Arceus “It shows the world inhabited by Pokémon more realistically, and you can even think of ways to catch animals without getting into a fight. Or throw a Poké ball and jump into action naturally.”

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