June 3, 2023
Police carry out operation to arrest Carlinhos apartment thieves

Police carry out operation to arrest Carlinhos apartment thieves

Cidade Alerta, presented by Luiz Bacci on Record TV, announced that the Alagoas Police She is currently carrying out a massive operation to catch those responsible for the millionaire heist from the apartment of Carlinhos Maia and Lucas Guimarães.

In all, more than 30 vehicles participate in this task force. In this tour to find the culprits there are military, civilian police and even an eagle plane so that the operation is completed as quickly as possible.

According to the presenter, this theft caused a major crisis in the State Security Department due to the percentage that the case took. The pressure on tangible results is very high and the authorities have asked Carlinhos Maya and her husband Lucas Guimarães not to raise the level of state demands any further.

The crime took place last Sunday (29/5) when The influencer was undergoing plastic surgery and her husband, Lucas Guimarães, was on a business trip to Cancun, Mexico. In total, jewelry worth 5 million Brazilian reais was taken.

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