August 19, 2022

Police have killed a 14-year-old girl who shot a suspect at an American clothing store

LOS ANGELES – Los Angeles police have killed a 14-year-old girl who shot a suspect inside a clothing store in the United States. Authorities say he was struck by a misplaced bullet that went through the wall while he was dressing for a birthday party in the dressing room at the teenage company.

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Agents have also killed a suspect who allegedly behaved inappropriately and smashed store windows. Eyewitnesses said the man also hit a woman with a bicycle lock. Police said the shooting came after reports of a shooting inside the establishment. To the victim, no weapons were found.

The incident happened Thursday morning at 11:45 a.m. amid a crowd of shoppers at the Burlington supermarket. The state judiciary is investigating the case.

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Last night, Los Angeles Police Chief Michael Moore promised a “full and transparent investigation” into what he called a “chaotic incident.”

“I deeply regret the death of this young woman and know that the unimaginable pain of the family cannot be reduced to words,” she said.

Police found a hole in the wall near a dressing room behind the suspect. The girl was identified as Valentina Orellana-Peralta.

As part of the investigation, video footage of the incident is expected to be released, including body cameras used by police officers and security cameras at the scene.