June 26, 2022
Poll showing percentage of those leaving on the seventh wall · TV News

Poll showing percentage of those leaving on the seventh wall · TV News

reconnaissance BBB 22 From the seventh wall it seems that there is no doubt as to who will be released from prison this Tuesday (8). Jade Bacon Leads the percentage of surveys and tends to be Eliminated with at least 80% rejection. However, official pages and fans of the digital influencer are fighting to reverse this outcome, with joint efforts to vote against Giselan Alves.

Although Jade has expanded the competition against him Arthur Agyar When I put it on the wall for the third time, and asked “Get out, Arthur” on the Globo live show, the 20-year-old ignored the trend and decided to try and get votes against the teacher.

The decision of the officials of the influencer who first appeared on the walls is based on the low rejection rates of Arthur, who has already returned from three possibilities with less than 10% of options in all of them. Previously Jiseilan He was in the hot second place that ended with the departure of Rodrigo Mossi and earned 25.45% on that occasion.

in part the news, Jade Picon has 87.70% of the signals to leave BBB 22 on the seventh wall. In the distant second place appears the group member Pipoca with 8.65%. The actor is more relaxed, with 3.65% of the choices. More than 470,000 votes have been recorded until this text was published.

Take part in the survey below and see how the result is updated:


BBB 22: Who comes out on the seventh wall?

In the UOL poll, which has already registered more than 360 thousand entries, the scenario was similar: the leader of the fourth lollipop got 84.51%, and Jessilane appeared in the sequence with 10.85%. Arthur, at 4.64%, should take a few more days to meet his wife, Myra Cardi.

Twitter polls show Jesse has a higher disapproval compared to the percentages given by the sites. In a post by influencer Felipe Neto with over 300,000 votes, the teacher has a 31.4% x 63.2% Jade rating.

The polls have no scientific value or influence on the official BBB 22 wall score, which is scored by viewers participating in a Gshow vote. The names of those who were knocked out of the competition for R$1.5 million in reality show on Globo will be revealed by Tadeu Schmidt on Tuesday night’s live show (8), scheduled to begin at 22:35 (Brazilian time).

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