September 30, 2023
Poll showing percentages of those leaving on the Fifth Wall · TV News

Poll showing percentages of those leaving on the Fifth Wall · TV News

Like last week, when the audience He had no doubts when eliminating Barbara Heckchoose the target on the fifth wall of BBB 22 (Globe) It appears to have been: Bruna Gonçalves Who is most at risk of leaving? The partial poll indicates that the dancer has the highest percentage of votes against Gustavo Marcingo and Paulo Andre Camilo.

in search of the newsWhich has won more than 150 thousand votes until the publication of this text Ludmila’s wife 70.04% of choices matter les caldas It comes in sequence with 24.46% and Jade Bacon Least Threat at 5.50%.

In the UOL survey, Brunna’s rejection was lower, but she still rose with 64.89% of mentions, followed by 28.65% Gustavo; With no risk of dropping out of the race for R$1.5 million this week, the PA received 6.46% of the vote. The survey has already registered more than 138,000 submissions.

BBB 22 surveys conducted by websites and social networks have no scientific result, they only depict a trend on the part of the viewers. The official result is the result obtained by voting on the official Globo website and will be announced on the live program on Tuesday (22).


BBB 22: Who Comes Out On The Fifth Wall?

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It’s not just opinion polls that knocked Braun out of his BBB 22 rating this week. According to the calculations made by Betfair, the online sports betting provider, the dancer has a 93% chance of leaving the game on that fifth wall.

In the odds provided by the company, the return on the bet is calculated using the odds. If Ludmila’s wife “invested” the exit, the price is 1.07 – that is, for each real position, if the dancer is eliminated, the bettor gets 1.07 Brazilian real.

By injecting money into defeating Gustavo, which is priced at 6.5, for each real bet, a person takes 6.5 R$. In case Paulo Andrewhich has fewer chances of being a villain, quote is 17. Big Brother Brasil’s odds are, according to Betfair, analyzed by “analysts’ experience to indicate participants’ chances.”

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