February 5, 2023
Popó Vaz, husband of "Põe na Roda" channel creator, has been found dead

Popó Vaz, husband of “Põe na Roda” channel creator, has been found dead

Paulo Vaz, better known as Bobo Vaz, a 37-year-old transgender influencer, was found dead on Monday (14). He married “Põe na Roda” creator Pedro HMC. The death information was confirmed by famous columnist Erlan Bastos, of Em Off.

There is no detailed information on the cause of the influencer’s death, but it is suspected that he committed suicide.

The National Association of Transsexuals and Transsexuals (ANTRA) has issued a note regarding the death of Bobo Vaz.

“Antra sympathizes with Paulo’s family and friends, especially dear Pedro HMC who was married. Receive our sincere hugs and feelings.”

Leaked video and anti-transgender comments

Social network users came to link Bobo’s death to the controversial episode in which her husband was involved last weekend.

A video clip showing Pedro HMC having oral sex with another man was among the most commented topics on social networks on Sunday (12). In addition to the video material, an intimate photo attributed to Pedro began to be circulated.

Pedro himself allegedly shared the record on Instagram Stories and resulted in numerous comments, many of a transphobic nature, because Pedro’s husband was a transgender man.