October 1, 2023

Porchat deletes the tweet and says he was wrong to defend Leo Lins

Through Instagram, the presenter said he spoke about the topic in a “shallow, hasty and awkward manner.”

Presenter, actor and comedian Fabio Borchat said on Saturday (May 27, 2023) that he made a mistake in defending fellow comedian Leo Lenz. through your profile on Instagramthe former Porta dos Fundos member said he spoke “shallow, hasty, confused” about the topic.

“A person who has the privilege of having a voice that reaches a lot of people has to be careful to choose his words well and I wasn’t that careful. […] I wrote two tweets on a very complex topic. I spoke in a shallow, hasty and awkward manner, so I made a mistake.”He said.

In addition to his public withdrawal, the presenter also said that he decided to delete the Tweets to “re” His position, which was according to what he said before “relaxed”And “Irresponsible” that it “Open Margin” To verify the positions and opinions that he said he did not agree with.

In the video, Borshat also stated that what he wanted to comment on the Leo Lenz case was to talk about freedom of speech.. “Freedom of expression is the ability to express ourselves without fear, intimidation or censorship. But always within the limits of the law.”He said.

“I totally understand the reactions. I know a lot of people are offended and disappointed and rightly so. And you messed with me. I wanted to make it clear here that my position has never been to stand up for racist humor. […] I have always said and continue to say that comedy that degrades minorities is terrible, it is archaic, it is unnecessary, and it retards social progress. I don’t do that kind of joke, I don’t post that kind of joke, I have no interest in that kind of joke.”announced.

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On Wednesday (May 17, 2023), Borshat defended Linz in the Twitter And he said that “There is no control over the good.”. Borshat stated that there are several types of jokes, including aggressive ones, but according to him, Then just do not watch (Read more below).

The speech was made after Leo Lenz removed his show “Annoying” from all digital platforms at the request of the MPSP (Ministério Público de São Paulo), due to content with offensive jokes against blacks, Northeastern peoples, women and people with disabilities, according to a judicial understanding.

Understand the issue

Comedian Leo Lenz stated that the TJSP (São Paulo Court of Justice), at the request of the Public Ministry of São Paulo, decided to remove his show “Disturbador” from all digital platforms on Wednesday (May 17).

The video posted to YouTube, which is now unavailable, has 3 million views. More than 150,000 people watched the show live.

In a social media post, Lenz said he considers the act holistic and said the process is as well ‘Very serious consequences’ for art as a whole.