August 16, 2022
Roberto Carlos em show no Rio de Janeiro (Foto: AgNews)

“Porr @”, Roberto Carlos threatens to leave the stage and bully the audience

Roberto Carlos was very angry during the show and threatened to leave the stage due to the audience’s attitude

Roberto Carlos He lost his patience with the audience that followed his show, last Wednesday (13). Annoyed by the push and pull, the 81-year-old king Threatened to leave the stage Before the end of his presentation, which was held in Rio de Janeiro.

This all happened during the moment he allowed his fans to get close to the stage for a chance to win a rose, something he’s been doing for years on all of his shows. The problem was that they turned away and started making a fuss in front of the veteran warrior, who was furiously angry.

Roberto Carlos reached the height of the annoyance with “Jesus Christo”, one of his biggest hits, and criticized the lack of education of those there. He noted that the rush hindered the people who were sitting watching his show.

Potts in the interview

Recently, another embarrassing moment happened to the singer. During a press conference, a reporter asked if he would partner with Anitta, but the professional ended up being booed by other reporters on the scene. Despite the climate, the artist emphasized a point in response that he was a huge fan of the “Envolver” sound.


Roberto Carlos has already shown anger with his fans at other times in his career. Before the start of the epidemic, the artist performed in the city of Praia Grande, on the coast of São Paulo, and eagerly began to deliver his flowers. One of the women in front of the stage did not pick the flower in time, and received a call from the singer. “Wait, damn @,” he said.

This moment had repercussions on some TV shows and on social networks, and already indicated the potential exhaustion of a veteran on stage. Now, after two years of isolation, he is slowly resuming his performance.

Roberto Carlos is angry with the audience at a show (Photo AgNews)
Roberto Carlos is angry with the audience at a show (Photo AgNews)

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