December 3, 2023
(crédito: Vicente Nunes/D.A. Press/CB)

Portugal’s president confirms presence at Web Summit 2023 in Rio de Janeiro

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Published on 04/11/2022 16:16

    (Credit: Vicente Nunes/DA Press/CB)

(Credit: Vicente Nunes/DA Press/CB)

Lisbon – In the midst of a speech that focused mainly on environmental issues, a topic that is bringing Brazil back to the map of the global debate with the election of Luis Inacio Lula da Silva to the presidency of the Republic, the President of Portugal, Marcelo de Sousa Rebelo, pledged to participate in the version of the Web Summit in Rio de Janeiro, in May 2023. “For the Brazilians who are here (in Lisbon), Rio, I will be with you,” he said to applause. Brazilians are among the five main groups of participants in the exhibition in Lisbon, which ends on Friday. The audience exceeded 70 thousand people, which is a record.

Event organizers in Rio expect at least 25,000 people to sign up. The goal is to turn the magnificent city into the tech capital of Latin America. Web Summit has become a reference when it comes to innovation. It is, today, the largest stage of the emergence of start-ups, revolutionizing the economy, from the financial system to education, and from retail to energy. By the way, climate change has been the focus of discussions in the Portuguese lands, where companies have come up with solutions to keep the planet’s temperature in check.

Portugal web summit
Portugal web summit
(Photo: Vicente Nunes/DA Press/CB)

“Climate change deserves our full attention. The Portuguese President said that future generations need to be sure that they will have a better planet to live on. He stressed that the world has managed to overcome the worst phase of the novel coronavirus epidemic, and is making efforts to mitigate the effects of the war between Ukraine and Russia, But it needs to make an effort to ensure that climate risks do not impede human existence.We are in a very complex moment, with many economies suffering from inflation and social setbacks, he emphasized.

The Web Summit is being held in Lisbon for the seventh year. The Portuguese capital was able to capitalize on the event, which secured its place in hotels and restaurants. Tourism, whether for leisure or business, is one of the main sources of income for the economy of the European country, which is trying, at all costs, to avoid slipping into recession. Focusing on this tech audience, Portugal has relaxed the rules to attract digital nomads. The possibility is that they will settle in the country and help increase consumption. Portuguese officials believe that Brazilians tend to be among the main beneficiaries.

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