November 30, 2023
Post Malone falls on stage and is pulled from the show

Post Malone falls on stage and is pulled from the show

This Saturday (17), Post Malone if Foot in the city of St. Lewis, Missouri, United States, when I tripped on stage and had a bad fall. The singer even screamed and lay there for several minutes while the doctors were watching him, but Show resumed later.

during the music circlesPost Malone I stumbled into an open hole that was used to move equipment that was under the platform. the singer It fell on the rib cage and appears to have hit the ribs. After falling, he writhing in pain While the doctors helped him on stage.

When it was removed, the singer told the audience present about it Will be back to finish the show. After a delay of 15 minutes, He is back and followed by a shorter assignment list, while hold ribs for you to sing.

after singing rock star And the JailedThe singer still spends some time at the venue signing autographs before retiring.

many of Videos The moment it circulated through social networks, but Post Malone He hasn’t spoken yet about what happened. The singer has a show scheduled for Twelve carats round This Sunday (18), but information about the possibility of canceling the presentation has not yet been released.