May 28, 2023

prattle! “I swear this is the end of it for me”; Larissa and Bruna take advantage of the award to clear up the confusion between their two rival fans


BBB 23’s third place asked if Larissa chose to stay at her home in Rio de Janeiro and was very surprised by her sister’s response.

photo: Twitter/Bruna Griphao

The award show on the BBB network resulted in several comments from the brothers, including a feud between Larissa and Bruna’s teams. The two sisters took advantage of the award moment to explain what happened when the Adms on their social networks pulled votes against each other. The beef started while the two were at BBB 23.

When Larissa was eliminated for the second time, the character’s audience voted against Bruna Griffaue and the actress’ team did the same. However, Bruna only discovered the confusion after the BBB final when she spoke to her friend. The third-place winner of the edition asked if Larry had stayed home and was very surprised by her sister’s response.

“[Eu disse] So, are you home? Then Larisa: it got worse. Our fans don’t support each other.” I swear this is the end of it for me. The actress recalls how she discovered the fighting between her teams and the opposing polyphony. The influencer’s father, Kakau Orphao, also implicated her father in the mess and posted a video commenting on the matter.

However, Bruna states that he is not upset with Larry and it was all a misunderstanding. “My father loves Larissa,” she told her friend, “he’s dying to talk to you. We love each other, there’s nothing we can do.” The character also wasn’t upset, declaring that what happened had nothing to do with what they experienced. “We play there, they play here,” he concluded.

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