October 2, 2022
Pregnant and holed up in Taftira, Juma suffers from oligospermia in the Pantanal · TV News

Pregnant and holed up in Taftira, Juma suffers from oligospermia in the Pantanal · TV News

Friday (Alanis Guillen) will shake more and more emotionally wet land. after parting hollow (Jesuit Barbosa) and Jose Lucas (Erandir Santos) When she leaves her house, she will feel brutally alone at the 9am Opera Globo. Pregnant and holed up in a tapera, the brutal will demand permanence old man from the river Osmar Prado is in place to ease his suffering.

“Stay here comAnd the he came… I I I bell Too lonely,” the Jaguar woman admits. I have to counting. You are never if Poetry Alone, “will respond to the enchanted, during a quick visit.” but now I‘ says the pregnant woman.

Juma’s status will affect the sheikh and he will enter the hut to have a deeper conversation with the protege. “he is Avo Far from here… Like tuiui, “He will comment, pointing to his grandson.” It is a toy that has no nest, ”the girl, for a change, will respond with her eternal sullen air.

“She has a nest. Or at least, she has … and she was here,” insists the man, who will take pieces of the young woman: “more in And more! I on oneI know More in it.” Then Velho do Rio warns the girl:comigoYou areon one need to Come Jaguar, Fri. on one it is good You areI insisted in WantsControversy. on one I know who You arewhat or whatpunish. If it is Jove or if it is You areMother“.

After that, the experienced will leave the Pantanal by canoe in search of the youngest of them Jose Leoncio (Marcos Palmera). “where You are Well Gioventino… I feel You are Away. Most You areswears You’re here,” the entity will say.

By this time, Jove will be growing Close to your new relationship, the character of Miriam (Lisa Del Dalla). However, Velho do Rio will work to stop his grandson from moving the line and allowing Juma to have her child on her own, as she hits her chest so much that she does.

Written by Benedetto Roy Barbosa, the television series Pantanal was broadcast in 1990 by Manchete (1983-1999) which now ceases to exist. Globo edition is Quote from Bruno Loperi, the grandson of the story’s creator, and will be on the air until October. Then Globo will appear for the first time Crossing over, Gloria Perez’s plot.

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