December 3, 2023
"Pregnant in Taubaté" · TV news

“Pregnant in Taubaté” · TV news

Lots of Class This Thursday (6) place in the sun It was made for drama Ilana (Mariana Lima), who had to decide whether to give birth or wait for the natural end of pregnancy. Both options will At risk one of the twins you expect. However, what caught my attention was the characterization of the character. The fake belly worn by the actress became a laughingstock among the audience who dubbed her “Pregnant in Taobati”.

At the 9 AM Opera Globo, the owner of the product had a long conversation with her friend Gabriella (Natalia Lagg) and decided that she would not progress with the birth of children, much to the chagrin of her husband, Breno (Marco Rica). During the treatment session, he accused her From having an affair with a doctor in the past.

“You take me to the doctor who was your case and lie to me! You lie to me and say she was a friend of yours. Then I think, I trust, I throw my girls in Gabriella’s hands and you just go in there and the photographer yells, simply dismiss me and solve the problem with Gabriella!”

Meanwhile, spectators could only pay attention to the size of the pregnant belly of Ilana. It became a joke on the Internet. “Ilana looks like she’s pregnant in a Taupati,” said a netizen named Felicity, referring to the case of Maria Veronica Aparecida Santos, who used a huge belly to fake a pregnancy with quadruplets.

Mariana Lima in a place in the sun

Characterization spawned immorality

“They invested so much in the new Pantanal edition that there was no real right to make Ilana’s pregnant belly,” Wee Novelliro said. “This characterization of Ilana’s pregnancy has become moldy,” Isabella criticized.

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Um Lugar ao Sol marks author Lícia Manzo’s 9pm debut on Globo. The plot has been fully registered due to the Covid-19 pandemic and will end in March. will be replaced by Pantanal Edition.

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