Premiums: turning point or a lull?

Primes: tournant ou accalmie?

Premiums disease will grow less than before in Geneva and will fall even 14% for young adults. Hooray? Yes, yes, but this pleasure must be put into perspective. For young people, the decrease is due to a change in the LAMal: it is offset by an increase in tariffs for other categories of insured persons. Also, the weakness of the increase is in part due to a change in calculation method to Berne. The Health minister, Alain Berset, was not mistaken. Even if the costs have stagnated in the past year, he is careful to refer to a decisive change: the small, premium growth in 2019 is more of a respite than a turning point.

Because structurally, nothing has changed. With 12.3% of GDP, or about $ 80 billion, Switzerland is, after the United States, the country that devotes the largest percentage of its collective wealth on health, for a performance more modest, and noted that in 2017 the american think tank the Commonwealth Fund. Steadily rising, the costs weigh heavily on individuals, and crush of more and more cantons, as demonstrated in Geneva, the increase of subsidies, which increased from 215 to 355 million between 2008 and 2018.

Unsustainable? Yes, but it is so comfortable to some while it lasts. The doctors complain? They can move about freely everywhere and get a refund. Patients should cry their premiums? Except for families with modest incomes, who increase their deductibles to spend less and potentially forego care, the most the insured can go to any caregiver, no matter when. Insurers grumble? Let’s go, let’s go. They roupillent on the pile of gold from their reserves, and be clinging to their accounts opaque with the friendly understanding of the federal Assembly.

At the beginning of the year, and it was ten days yet, Alain Berset has presented proposals, in particular for a 20% reduction in costs without affecting the quality of care. Well, we’ll see the fate that will be reserved. In the meantime, the open bar will remain open.


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