June 28, 2022
Presidential candidates talk about the election at an event in Harvard, USA  Policy

Presidential candidates talk about the election at an event in Harvard, USA Policy

Candidates for the presidency attended an event this Saturday (9) and Sunday (10) at Harvard University in the United States to discuss the political and social environment and expectations of Brazil. October elections.

The first to be discussed at the conference in Brazil was a meeting organized by institutional students, the former minister Sergio Moro (União Brasil), Saturday afternoon. This Sunday morning, the time came Zero Gomes (PDT).

The senator will still attend Simon Debt (MDB-MD), former governor of Rio Grande do Sulin Eduardo Light (PSDB) and former governor of Sவோo Paulo Joao Toria (PSDB).

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Sergio Moro attends Sabbath at Harvard on Saturday (9) – Photo: Breeding / YouTube

Morrow joined Unio Brazil on March 31, After leaving Podemos. He was declared the pre-candidate in the old party. At present, he has not yet defined where he will compete in October.

The former minister backed a third-way nomination that would give voters an option other than “polarization” between the presidents. Jair Bolzano And former President Luis Inacio fish type Da Silva.

“This is a very delicate moment in the life of Brazil. We see this polarization provoking anger. And, with due respect to these candidates, they are the worst candidates,” the former minister said.

Morrow also said he was proud of his performance as the judge in charge of Operation Lava Jato. He left office in 2020 to take over the judiciary portfolio in the Bolzano government, which he left due to a disagreement with the president.

For a former minister and former magistrate, corruption may have been one of the reasons why Brazil has not experienced adequate economic growth in recent decades.

“Maybe that’s why we’re been trapped in a low growth trap for 30 years. Instead of giving up ethics every second, instead of getting economic growth, we’re stuck here. This has a clear connection and you can see it in political science books […] The clear relationship between the quality of companies and economic growth. Development requires foresight, legal commitment and respect for the rules of the game, “Moro argued.

Zero Gomez at the Brazil Conference on Saturday in Harvard, USA – Photo: Breeding / YouTube

During your holiday, Zero Gomes Criticized a statement fish typeLast week, in abortion.

Last Tuesday (5th), Lula defended the right Women should have an abortion. The PT critic criticized that “Madame can have an abortion in Paris” or “Go to Berlin to look for a good clinic”, while poor pregnant women die for abortion in places where there is not enough infrastructure.

“It is not done here in Brazil because it is banned, in fact it should be turned into a public health issue and everyone has a right and not be ashamed,” the former president said at the time.

The next day, on the echo of the sentence, Lula explained that she was against abortion And this issue should be discussed as a public health issue.

“This question has come to me a thousand times: I am against abortion, but I have to make it a public policy. Even if I oppose it, it is, it happens by someone with high purchasing power, she goes abroad. And what about the poor, how do they do it?” , The former president argued.

To Chiro, the proclamation fish type That’s “stupid”. The pre-candidate said it was a “serious and complex” issue and, therefore, could not be treated with “simple intent”.

“What? fish type He had to issue an insane statement like he has now declared that everyone has the right to have an abortion. What a simple matter for such a serious and complex matter. And what power does fish type Having been President of the Republic for 14 years or President of Brazil, has it not solved this problem? Because she is insoluble. She’s insoluble, “said Ciro.

According to Ciro, resolving issues such as abortion and identity issues in the campaign leaves Brazil on the “narrow right” side, while large sections of the population seek churches such as “help” and “self-help”.

“When a fighter goes to war, if he expects it, he chooses the battlefield, so he benefits, and we fall like ducks. Why? Identity issues are classic. This is true of our country. It kills too many LGBTQIA + people. But what is that power? [tem] Is the President of the Republic now going to run in the election with the people of Favela who are desperately seeking self-help, relief and help? Is it left-wing? It’s not about being on the left. It is an enlightened dictator and devoted to the real life of our people, which gives our country the narrow right to do what it does, ”he added.

One of the questions asked to the front candidate was about protecting the environment and global warming. Ciro said it was important to bring stability to Amazon. According to him, three decades ago, farmers were encouraged by governments to clear forests as a way of colonizing the region.

From the pre-candidate point of view, the government should present a new way for these people to explore the forest.

“How to solve this? In my opinion, how to reconcile with the local people, the local Brazilian? [Fazendo] Ecological Economic Zone. It is a sustainable development tool, “he added.

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